A New Year A New Year

Here we are poised to begin another new year. There is always much talk about resolutions and what we want to change about ourselves for th...

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8:19 PM

Review of 2008 Review of 2008

As this is the period when reviews of the year are published, today's post gathers together some of the most significant childhood and e...

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2:37 AM

I was out breaking the ice on our pond (winter has arrived!) so that the turtles hibernating in the bottom will have oxygen. While breaking ...

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11:02 AM

Children's Plan / Play Strategy Children's Plan / Play Strategy

Two documents released last week by the DCSF: It is 12 months since the publication of the Children's Plan (see this previous post for ...

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2:33 AM

The Child Care Transition The Child Care Transition

Readers with an interest in early years provision in other countries should be interested in a new report from UNICEF . Published yesterday,...

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2:21 AM

Monitoring Poverty & Social Exclusion Monitoring Poverty & Social Exclusion

This week has seen the 10th anniversary of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation's annual Monitoring Poverty and Social Exclusion report. The ...

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1:44 AM

Wider Workforce Week Wider Workforce Week

Many of our readers may be interested to learn that this week is Wider Workforce Week on Teachers TV. All week the service (Freeview Channel...

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2:13 AM

Rose Review - Interim Report Rose Review - Interim Report

Since January of this year, Sir Jim Rose has been carrying out an independent review of primary education in the UK, on the instructions of ...

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2:45 AM

Faith Schools & Community Cohesion Faith Schools & Community Cohesion

The issue of faith schools is in the news again, following the release of a new report from the Runnymede Trust . This new research is likel...

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2:10 AM

Someday... Someday...

I am in the middle of interviewing students from my Introduction to Teaching courses at the university. I am so excited about the number of ...

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3:35 PM

Homes Fit for Families Homes Fit for Families

Something for our Family Support Workers today; a few months ago the Family & Parenting Institute published Homes Fit for Families: An ...

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3:20 AM

More Bits 'n' Bobs More Bits 'n' Bobs

Details of more useful items which have been published in the last week: The latest report from Every Child A Reader suggests that the prog...

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2:22 AM

DCSF reports DCSF reports

There is always plenty of new research and reports being published in the Childhood and Early Years sectors, but lately there seems to have ...

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3:20 AM

Children's Services / Bullying Children's Services / Bullying

Here's a round up of several items of interest from recent weeks, which fall into two broad areas: children's services and bullying....

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4:38 AM