I Felt Like a Blockhead I Felt Like a Blockhead

I have the opportunity to try out products for Discount School Supply on a regular basis. I was trying out some blocks a year ago and I w...

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3:14 PM

Physical Punishment Physical Punishment

A new report from the government's chief advise on child safety recommends that there should be a complete ban on smacking and physical ...

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2:56 AM

Professional Development Professional Development

Many readers of this blog already work in schools, or are planning a career in this sector once they have finished their course. So it shoul...

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7:52 AM

Children & Internet Safety Children & Internet Safety

The issue of children's safety when using the internet has been prominent again in recent days, with two separate reports addressing the...

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4:34 AM

New Common Core of Skills and Knowledge New Common Core of Skills and Knowledge

Something of interest to all readers today: the Children's Workforce Development Council has just published new guidance which updates ...

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4:20 AM

Foundation Stage Achievement Foundation Stage Achievement

This is a little late, but you now view the latest official statistics regarding achievement in the Foundation Stage . Results are broken do...

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8:57 AM

EYES Search (Again) EYES Search (Again)

The EYES search engine (see right of page) is operating again; results will now display on a separate page, so remember to navigate back her...

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8:41 AM

EYES Search EYES Search

If you're one of the users of the EYES Search engine (see right of screen) you've probably noticed that it's currently not retur...

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6:44 AM

Nursery Food Nursery Food

Recently published research from the School Food Trust has raised concerns about the nutrition levels of food served in nurseries. The Trus...

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3:51 AM

Catch Him! Catch Him!

A number of years ago, I had the opportunity to live in Ireland for a period of time. Having that first-hand knowledge comes in handy at thi...

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4:51 PM

Wonder Wheel Wonder Wheel

Sounding like something you'd find on a gameshow or a mispronunciation of an old Oasis hit, the Wonder Wheel is actually a feature of Go...

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4:05 AM

ICT in Education ICT in Education

ICT in Education is a website aimed at all those who are managing or leading ICT within schools. The site is packed with free articles on a...

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6:54 AM

Not the End of the Story Not the End of the Story

Not the End of the Story is a title of a new short report from Barnardos . This publication focuses on teenage mothers and the barriers tha...

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12:30 PM

National Literacy Trust National Literacy Trust

The National Literacy Trust website has undergone a makeover, with the result that it now seems to be much easier to navigate, while still ...

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2:43 AM

What Sort of Web Animal are You? What Sort of Web Animal are You?

Some of you may have seen The Virtual Revolution , a series recently broadcast on BBC2 to mark 20 years of the Web. The final episode focuse...

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5:06 AM

Deprivation and Risk Deprivation and Risk

New research from the Action for Children charity examines the cycles of deprivation and neglect which are linked to vulnerable families. T...

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4:11 AM

Family Wellbeing Family Wellbeing

With the subject of wellbeing having received much attention in recent months, the Family and Parenting Institute have issued a timely lite...

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5:50 AM

Grandparents and Poverty Grandparents and Poverty

New research carried out by the Equality and Human Rights Commission and Grandparents Plus argues that low-income grandparents are risking...

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3:56 AM

Let's See...Start with the Sun! Let's See...Start with the Sun!

I was talking to my favorite 5 year-old last week about the projects she creates. I asked her, "How do you know what to make or draw?&q...

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2:58 PM

Bumper Edition for March Bumper Edition for March

A round up of several new reports which have appeared in recent days: The DCSF has published its Staying Safe Survey 2009 , covering young p...

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6:51 AM