Individual Tracking Individual Tracking

January is a great time to re-evaluate the progress preschool children have made since the beginning of the school year. Teachers should con...

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6:54 PM

Social Emotional Crisis Social Emotional Crisis

In a new study by UC Berkeley and Stanford, researchers found that all children, not just children from low socio-economic households, bene...

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2:34 PM

Developmental Guidelines Developmental Guidelines

I can understand the concern posted by "anonymous" on this blog site. The posting indicates a concern with the developmental order...

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8:22 AM

Money, money, money... Money, money, money...

I was recently reading another blog, "Education on the Brink" ( about funding issues in education. Right no...

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7:59 AM

Appropriate Preschool Standards Appropriate Preschool Standards

In my last entries, I mentioned how preschool assessment is here to stay. Knowing that assessment or monitoring must occur, it is also appro...

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1:56 PM

Assessment will continue Assessment will continue

Whether early childhood experts like it or not, we will be forced to continue to assess preschool children. As I mentioned in the last entry...

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12:38 PM

Leave No Child Untested Leave No Child Untested

With No Child Left Behind (Leave No Child Untested), there is increasing pressure being placed on preschool programs to prepare children to ...

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10:22 AM