Athens Update Athens Update

As of today, if you log onto Athens, you may notice a difference. When you try clicking on the Blackwell-Synergy site, you are instead direc...

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2:37 AM

Web Domains Web Domains

For those of you who find it difficult to navigate the internet smoothly, things may be about to get harder. From next year, the way in whic...

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8:12 AM

National Children's Bureau National Children's Bureau

I'm sure that most readers of this blog don't need me to explain what the National Children's Bureau is and what it does. Their...

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4:26 AM

Early Learning Partnership Project Early Learning Partnership Project

The Early Learning Partnership Project has been running for some time and has been coordinated by the Family and Parenting Institute . Bring...

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8:26 AM

Byron Review Action Plan Byron Review Action Plan

A few months ago I wrote about the Byron Review ( click here for details), which was commissioned by the DCSF to examine the possible effec...

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5:43 AM

How Many Ways... How Many Ways...

I was recently at the headquarters of Discount School Supply and was able to see many new products that are coming out this year in their ...

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1:48 PM

Web inSuggest Web inSuggest

Today's post is about a new(ish) online tool called Web inSuggest, which is based on a simple but effective idea. Basically, if you have...

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3:50 AM

Mathematics Teaching Mathematics Teaching

Last year the DCSF asked Sir Peter Williams to carry out a review which would look at how mathematics is taught in primary schools and early...

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6:38 AM

More from OnTheWeb More from OnTheWeb

The latest issue of the NFER's OnTheWeb service (see previous post for details) contains its usual excellent mixture of links to new re...

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5:35 AM

Special Measures / Wasted Talent Special Measures / Wasted Talent

Two reports have been released today which may interest some of you: Sustaining Improvement: the Journey from Special Measures is an Ofsted...

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7:05 AM

Media Literacy Media Literacy

Last month saw the publication of a Children's Media Literacy Audit by Ofcom. This report takes a holistic view of how children are int...

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5:20 AM

Could you be an Innovative Teacher? Could you be an Innovative Teacher?

The General Teaching Council has recently collaborated on a new report entitled Teachers as Innovative Professionals . This document examin...

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3:41 AM

Secondary Schools Staff Survey Secondary Schools Staff Survey

The DCSF has just published its latest Secondary School Curriculum and Staffing Survey (SSCSS). This is a report which has been published e...

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4:55 AM

Children and Young People's Plans Children and Young People's Plans

Since April 2006 all local authorities have been required to publish an annual Children and Young People's Plan (CYPP). These documents ...

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7:36 AM

Childcare & Early Years Survey Childcare & Early Years Survey

Last week the DCSF published Childcare and Early Years Survey 2007: Parents’ Use, Views and Experiences . This is an annual report which loo...

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3:22 AM