Goodbye DfES / Childminders Goodbye DfES / Childminders

Undoubtedly the biggest news of the last couple of days in the childcare and education sector is the break-up of the DfES. New prime ministe...

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2:31 AM

Ethnicity and Education Ethnicity and Education

A new report from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation entitled Tackling Low Educational Achievement has been in the news this morning. Although ...

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2:06 AM

Mature Students & ICT Mature Students & ICT

A slightly more personal touch to today's post... I'm currently in the early stages of a research project which will look at how eff...

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2:52 AM

Leave A Comment! Leave A Comment!

Did you know that you can leave comments on this blog for other users to see? If you've read a post and think that I've not mentione...

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2:50 AM

Child Poverty Child Poverty

Since coming to power in 1997, one of the main priorities of the Labour government has been to tackle the issue of child poverty. As a resul...

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2:35 AM

Religious Education Religious Education

This morning's main story regarding young people appears to be the publication of a new Ofsted report, which suggests that the provision...

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3:49 AM

Making Connections Making Connections

I just returned from the NAEYC Leadership Conference in Pittsburgh. I always enjoy this conference because it is made up of professional lea...

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10:03 AM

Men In Childcare Men In Childcare

How many males do you know that work in an early years setting? The answer is probably very low, if indeed you've met any at all. And it...

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3:02 AM

Listening to Families / Obesity Listening to Families / Obesity

If you currently work in a nursery then you may soon be looking at changes to your working hours. A new report entitled Listening to Familie...

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3:27 AM

Another Internet Tip Another Internet Tip

When carrying out academic research, it is usually important to ensure that the information you are using is up-to-date. This can sometimes ...

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8:07 AM

Is there a Class Divide? Is there a Class Divide?

The latest report from the Millennium Cohort Study suggests that children from disadvantaged families are already falling behind more afflu...

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8:15 AM

Phonics Phonics

A study in Belfast has concluded that a system called linguistic phonics helps children to make more progress with their reading skills. Th...

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2:02 AM

Families with Children in Britain Families with Children in Britain

Last month saw the publication of the seventh annual survey of the Families and Children Study (FACS) , which investigates the circumstances...

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4:49 AM

Searching An Individual Website Searching An Individual Website

Do you ever get irritated because you are sure that the information you want is on a particular website, but you just can’t find the right p...

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2:42 AM

The First Three Years The First Three Years

As I have been writing an organizational tool for caregivers of infants and toddlers, I have been amazed at the developmental milestones tha...

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8:22 AM

Play Play

A new survey has suggested that parents' fears over their children's safety is preventing those children from indulging in unsuperv...

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3:11 AM

Birmingham Council Plan Birmingham Council Plan

A local feel to today's entry - to see where your taxes are being spent, you can take a look at Birmingham's Council Plan 2007-10 ....

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2:57 AM

Disabled Children Disabled Children

A recent report from the Treasury and DfES has examined how services for disabled children can improve their life chances. Aiming High for D...

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2:48 AM