Mixed Bag Mixed Bag

A short sharp summary of some new documents: Working Together to Safeguard Children: A Guide to Inter-Agency Working to Safeguard and Promot...

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9:31 AM

Latest Childcare Developments Latest Childcare Developments

Posts tagged 'childcare' have begun to dominate this blog lately, but then the issues of how childcare should be delivered, how it s...

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5:13 AM

Professional Association for Childcare and Early Years Professional Association for Childcare and Early Years

Today sees the launch of a new organisation for childcare professionals, or at least the rebranding of an existing one. From now on the Nati...

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8:24 AM

Summer Born Children Summer Born Children

A consistent theme of research on children who are born during the summer months is that they can be at a disadvantage throughout their educ...

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2:26 AM

Childcare Costs Survey 2013 Childcare Costs Survey 2013

Today sees the publication of the Daycare Trust's annual Childcare Costs survey, which examines prices charged by nurseries, childminder...

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2:01 AM

EYES Search EYES Search

Ever wondered  (or even noticed?) what the little search box on the right hand side of this page called 'EYES Search' is for? Read o...

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7:07 AM