Preschool Rocks! Preschool Rocks!

Check out the following from the University of Chicago Chronicle: Consortium will review study data to identify best investments in childre...

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1:30 PM

Good Luck in California Good Luck in California

The state of California is taking the opportunity to vote on a proposition to create a universal preschool. I wish the proponents of this p...

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2:56 PM

Aloha Aloha

I had the opportunity to spend a few days in Hawaii. I've checked out some of the early childhood resources and settings there. One pl...

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12:35 PM

The Beginning and the End The Beginning and the End

I had to place my mother in an Alzheimer's unit last year. It has been difficult to watch her slowly disappear as the disease progresse...

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1:22 PM

May Day Reflections May Day Reflections

Today is May Day. Someone on the Today show asked if anyone was going to be dancing around the Maypole. I don't suppose you find that ce...

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4:37 PM