How Young Is Too Young? How Young Is Too Young?

A couple of newspapers have today picked up on a story about a letter which appears in today's Times Educational Supplement (TES). The ...

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5:06 AM

Teachers / Literacy Teachers / Literacy

It's been mentioned briefly on this blog before, but I've been asked to draw people's attention again to the ongoing Becoming A ...

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3:14 AM

Latest from OnTheWeb Latest from OnTheWeb

The latest issue of OnTheWeb contains its usual mixture of reports on all sorts of education and childcare related topics. Among the highli...

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8:59 AM

Internet Detective Internet Detective

Fancy brushing up on your internet skills? Hopefully some of you are finding the occasional tips that I post on here useful when using the i...

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9:00 AM

A Visit from Two Princesses A Visit from Two Princesses

We had Thanksgiving at our house this year. Three of my grandchildren came and with my grandson in the highchair it was necessary to create ...

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7:40 PM

Children's Rights Children's Rights

A number of reports looking at the views of children living away from home or receiving social care services have been published duting the ...

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8:34 AM

Starting To Learn Starting To Learn

Today and tomorrow sees a gathering of the great and good of the early years world at The Early Years Foundation Stage: Views From Near And ...

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5:27 AM

Google Scholar Google Scholar

One of the most interesting things about a job like mine is seeing how the way that students access information changes over time. When I st...

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7:00 AM

If You're Happy & You Know It... If You're Happy & You Know It...

With all the reports in recent months on bullying, poverty, exam stress, obesity and more besides, you'd be forgiven for thinking that B...

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6:56 AM

Speaking of infants and toddlers... Speaking of infants and toddlers...

I just returned from the annual NAEYC convention. This year it was held in Chicago and it was a big event. I had the opportunity of spending...

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11:27 AM

Play / Poverty Play / Poverty

There's two new reports out today which are worth mentioning. They concern play and poverty, two of the topics which students most frequ...

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6:12 AM

Children's Television Children's Television

Last month, Ofcom published An independent Report on The Future of Children’s Television Programming ; this is a piece of research which the...

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4:07 AM

ADHD / Medication ADHD / Medication

Tonight's episode of Panorama on BBC1 will feature new research which appears to demonstrate that drugs such as Ritalin, which are used...

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3:47 AM

Open Access Journals Open Access Journals

As if we didn't have enough academic journals available through Athens, there is also a large (and growing) number of 'open access&#...

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1:49 AM

Special Educational Needs / School Sport Special Educational Needs / School Sport

This week the excellent Teachers TV is featuring a range of programmes which deal with various aspects of Special Educational Needs. As usu...

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2:25 AM

Child Safety Child Safety

Last week saw the launch of No Fear , a new publication which investigates whether a preoccupation with keeping children safe is having the ...

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5:41 AM

Future Family Future Family

The BBC's Breakfast Programme is running a series of features this week on modern family life in Britain. Each of the reports will be ...

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3:38 AM

Whew! Whew!

I just finished creating some experiences and activities to populate a new teacher website resource. We already have resources for Head Star...

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9:18 AM

Latest from the Primary Review Latest from the Primary Review

The latest reports from the Primary Review (look at this previous post for information about the project) have again succeeded in making h...

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2:58 AM

Resource Banks Resource Banks

When you're out on placement, are you ever stuck for ideas on what to do with the children in your classroom? Or perhaps you just want t...

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3:40 AM