Maternity Maternity

Yesterday's G2 supplement in the Guardian was dedicated to a survey of how well employers treat parents who are expecting or already hav...

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2:29 AM

Revisiting Kindergarten Revisiting Kindergarten

Most of my presentations and workshops in the past two years have been dealing with preschool settings and teachers. I have been preparing ...

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7:49 PM

Playday Playday

Wednesday 1st August is the 20th annual Playday , a celebration of children's right to play. To mark the event, Play England have commi...

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3:13 AM

Something For Everyone Something For Everyone

It looks like the new DCSF has hit the ground running - it's only been in existence for a month but already a steady stream of reports h...

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3:20 AM

Statistics Statistics

Last week saw the release of 2007's Annual Abstract of Statistics . As the title suggests, this is a yearly publication which rounds up ...

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2:26 AM

More Google Tips / PDFs More Google Tips / PDFs

You may have noticed that most of the links on this blog link to pages which don't look or feel quite like normal web pages; instead, th...

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5:25 AM

Teenage Pregnancy Teenage Pregnancy

Last Thursday the government launched a new strategy to help young families deal with the demands of parenthood. Teenage Parents Next Steps ...

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3:41 AM

Drugs and Children Drugs and Children

With cabinet members seemingly falling over themselves to own up to smoking cannabis during their University days, it seems an appropriate t...

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2:59 AM

Tackling Educational Equality Tackling Educational Equality

Self-styled "liberal think tank" CentreForum has just published a report on poorly-performing pupils in the UK. Tackling Educatio...

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4:34 AM

Child Proofing the Yard Child Proofing the Yard

Last year we purchased a home built in 1919. We gutted the home and worked hard to renovate the entire inside (we did most of the work). T...

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8:27 PM

Poverty & Public Attitudes Poverty & Public Attitudes

Is it just me, or has the subject of poverty become the defining issue of recent years? Hardly a week seems to go by without the appearance ...

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2:48 AM

Summer Holidays Summer Holidays

Ah, summer holidays... a never-ending golden age of football in the park, hours on the beach, tree-climbing, days out... or so it seemed to ...

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3:29 AM

Turn Off The TV! Turn Off The TV!

Once again television is getting bad press over the negative effect that it can have on children. This blog has explored this topic before (...

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2:55 AM

Ofsted Gets Ofsted-ed Ofsted Gets Ofsted-ed

Teachers who live in fear of Ofsted visits may be pleased to hear that the inspections body is itself the subject of criticism . A new repor...

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3:28 AM

OnTheWeb OnTheWeb

I've recently received the latest monthly issue of NFER's OnTheWeb (see this previous post for details). This month's edition ...

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8:23 AM

Perpetual Motion Perpetual Motion

I was reminded this past week about how much attention an infant or toddler demands. My California grandchildren were staying with me for a ...

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2:56 PM

Boys vs Girls - Gender Wars; Get Involved! Boys vs Girls - Gender Wars; Get Involved!

Once again the issue of gender is in the news, following the publication of a new government report entitled Gender and Education: the Evide...

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2:41 AM

Philosophy Philosophy

Think about seven-year-olds learning at school and what comes to mind? Lessons on literacy or numeracy? Simple ICT skills? How does a discus...

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2:25 AM

Think Family Think Family

As it seems that virtually every government post has either changed hands or been turned into something completely different in the past few...

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3:09 AM

Children's Mental Health Children's Mental Health

Last week the Times published the results of an investigation into children's mental health issues, with a specific focus on depression....

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3:53 AM