Last week saw the release of 2007's Annual Abstract of Statistics. As the title suggests, this is a yearly publication which rounds up a mass of detailed statistics about the UK. The chapters on education, health and social protection should be especially useful to students within the School of Childhood and Education, although some of the other chapters may also contain useful information for your research.

If you're a numbers addict then there are also some excellent sites which can provide you with detailed stats from other countries to allow you to make comparisons with the UK. OffStats is a website with links to official statistics sources for virtually every country in the world (be careful, not very site you visit will be written in English!), while Nationmaster contains a mind-boggling selection of figures on almost any topic you can imagine. Did you know that Belgian workers are the most heavily taxed in the world? Or that Cuba spends the greatest percentage of it's GDP on education? Dive in to find out more...


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