Asylum Seeking / Refugee Children Asylum Seeking / Refugee Children

A new report entitled Supporting Asylum Seeker and Refugee Children , which examines provision in this area around the country, has just bee...

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3:57 AM


The Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children (ALSPAC) is a University of Bristol project which has been running since 1991. The stud...

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7:13 AM

Joseph Rowntree Foundation Joseph Rowntree Foundation

As it's another slow news day, here's an advert for one of my favourite research websites. The Joseph Rowntree Foundation is an ind...

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5:14 AM

Copyright & Plagiarism Copyright & Plagiarism

Life for academic cheats has just become a little harder - Google has banned adverts for essay writing services , amid fears that plagiarism...

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4:12 AM

My Turn My Turn

I am often reminded of the fears that young children have about new experiences. One of my granddaughters recently had oral surgery and lots...

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7:36 PM

Cyberbullying Cyberbullying

A worrying story from the BBC website suggests that the problem of cyberbullying has taken a new twist with teachers now also becoming victi...

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2:06 AM

Early Childhood Education: An International Encyclopedia Early Childhood Education: An International Encyclopedia

This blog doesn't usually announce announce additions to the library's book stock, but today is an exception. We recently took deliv...

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3:08 AM

Creativity in Education Creativity in Education

A couple of weeks ago I attended an interesting talk by one of our students about the importance of allowing children to express themselves ...

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3:00 AM

School Dinners School Dinners

Chips, pizza, lumpy custard... Everyone has their own memories of school dinners, but since Jamie Oliver's efforts to improve the stand...

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2:43 AM

Boys and Reading Boys and Reading

A joint initiative between the DfES and the School Library Association will see secondary schools in England receive free books to encourage...

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5:44 AM

Violence Against Children Violence Against Children

UNICEF and the Inter-Parliamentary Union have collaborated on a new handbook aimed at legislators around the world. Eliminating Violence A...

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4:13 AM

Children & Alcohol Children & Alcohol

A new survey has concluded that teenagers are less likely to binge drink if they are first introduced to small amounts of alcohol in the co...

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3:20 AM

Mother's Day Mother's Day

I remember all the years of teaching school and wondering if I should have the children do a project for Mother's Day. I did, of course,...

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7:32 PM

Early Talk Early Talk

Today sees the launch of a collaborative project between the DfES and children's charity I CAN to extend the reach of the Early Talk p...

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3:44 AM

Home Education Home Education

Home Education is back on the agenda, after the DfES has issued a set of guidelines on the subject. There will now be a consultation period ...

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2:57 AM

Children & The Media Children & The Media

It looks like all those blissful hours watching Camberwick Green may not have done me any good after all; according to a story in today'...

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7:36 AM

Inspecting the Inspectors Inspecting the Inspectors

A new report has turned the tables on Ofsted, by examining how effective the organisation's inspections are in terms of raising standard...

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3:33 AM

School-Aid School-Aid

School-Aid is a charity which seeks to improve the educational opportunities of children in Africa by donating used resources from UK schoo...

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6:13 AM

Be Alert! Be Alert!

Today's entry is a plug for the NFER's OnTheWeb service. This is a monthly round-up with direct links to new educational reports an...

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3:00 AM

Evaluation Time Evaluation Time

As we reach the end of the traditional school year, many teachers take time to assess where each child is functioning. It is appropriate to ...

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3:58 PM

Libraries Are Still Important! Libraries Are Still Important!

As it's been a quiet few days on the news front, this entry deals with a subject in which I have a personal stake. Basically, I want to ...

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4:30 AM