Information Sharing Information Sharing

Wednesday's blog post talked about the role of children's trusts in coordinating services, so perhaps it's timely that this week...

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7:44 AM

Family Support Workers Family Support Workers

Today's post is aimed at our students on the Family Support Workers foundation degree course. I spoke with some of you in the library on...

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3:43 AM

Are We There Yet? Are We There Yet?

Today's post title is nothing to do with children in the back seat of a car... In 2003 the Victoria Climbie Inquiry delivered its final...

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6:26 AM

Hot and Cold Hot and Cold

This past week, I had the opportunity of doing workshops in Los Angeles and Anaheim, California as well as Atlantic City, New Jersey. When I...

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11:06 AM

Children's Survey / Gifted Children Children's Survey / Gifted Children

Ofsted has just published its annual Tellus3 survey which asks 10-15 year olds in England a range of questions covering the five Every Child...

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3:10 AM

New Child Poverty Research New Child Poverty Research

Child poverty is one of those topics that seems to be perenially in the news, but even those who follow it closely may be surprised to learn...

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3:19 AM

Every Child Matters article Every Child Matters article

Today's post is simply to point you towards an article which appeared in yesterday's Guardian, which some of you may find interestin...

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4:56 AM

Children's Emotional Development and Wellbeing Children's Emotional Development and Wellbeing

The Office for National Statistics has just released a lengthy new report entitled Three Years On , which takes a detailed look at the devel...

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8:20 AM

Families & Relationships Families & Relationships

The Centre for Research on Families and Relationships (CRFR) is a department of the University of Edinburgh. Research carried out by the Ce...

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2:57 AM

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Children Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Children

Today's post may be the longest this blog has ever seen; last months issue of OnTheWeb (see this previous post for details of this exce...

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6:02 AM

The Millennium Cohort Study The Millennium Cohort Study

The Millennium Cohort Study is a huge ongoing project which is examining the social conditions which today's children will encounter as...

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2:37 AM

ICT in Secondary Schools ICT in Secondary Schools

Today's post is for our ICT bods. Last month Becta produced a series of reports on the subject of Web 2.0 within secondary school (for ...

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2:38 AM

Quality Child Care Quality Child Care

In the last weeks we have been talking about quality child care in my Introduction to Teaching course. Research tells us that quality chil...

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10:34 AM

Children & Young Person's Bill Children & Young Person's Bill

This week the Children & Young Person's Bill received another reading in the House of Commons, which means it is one step closer to ...

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3:26 AM

Poverty & The Media Poverty & The Media

Occasionally students make enquiries about how the media reports on early years or social issues, so if you're doing research in that ar...

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3:17 AM

Round Up Round Up

I was away for most of last week, so here's a quick summary of some of the new reports and research which came out during that time: A r...

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3:19 AM

Sage Journals - Special Offer Sage Journals - Special Offer

This is just a short post to inform all readers that if you log onto Athens and choose the Sage Journals site, you will be able to access al...

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10:05 AM

We're in this Together! We're in this Together!

I did a math workshop in Nashville this week and it was wonderful. What a great group of teachers and caregivers! It is always such a treat ...

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6:55 AM