Are Computers Good for Children? Are Computers Good for Children?

On a couple of occasions last year, I was asked by students to point them towards information which documented the potential harmful effects...

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6:04 AM

Free Social Care Resources Free Social Care Resources

Already missing lectures and work..? ;-) If you've an interest in social care and related issues, then you might want to look at a free ...

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6:17 AM

Taking Risks Taking Risks

I recently heard a recorded speech by Sir Ken Robinson about creativity. He told a story of a teacher who was asking one of her students wh...

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3:05 PM

New DCSF Research New DCSF Research

Two recent reports from the DCSF should be of interest to many of our students: The first is entitled Extended Schools: Testing the Delivery...

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6:24 AM

New Early Years Foundation Stage New Early Years Foundation Stage

It's Early Years Week on Teacher's TV , which means that their schedule is dominated by programmes relating to younger children. In ...

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3:55 AM

Look at the Princess! Look at the Princess!

We just finished tending three of my grandchildren for a week at their home in California. We had a blast. Except for one case of strep thro...

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5:03 PM

Listening to Children about Childcare Listening to Children about Childcare

The Daycare Trust is currently undertaking a project entitled 'Listening to Families about Childcare'. As part of this, last week th...

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3:09 AM

Bercow Report Bercow Report

A few months ago I posted about the Bercow Review , which was commissioned by the DCSF to look at services for children with speech, languag...

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7:45 AM

Global Learning Global Learning

A survey by educational charity DEA has suggested that many children in England are being left 'globally illiterate' , as their sch...

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3:43 AM

Parents Survey Parents Survey

Last week saw the publication of the DCSF's Survey of Parents in England 2008 . This is a short(ish) piece of research which looks at ho...

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3:16 AM

Stay Alert! Stay Alert!

I've written on here before about the usefulness of free alerting services such as OnTheWeb and Childlink's Weekly Update, which wi...

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5:02 AM