Survival in School Survival in School

In my classroom management course at the university, we learn how children must have their basic needs satisfied prior to establishing an at...

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1:44 PM

Round Up of 2010 Round Up of 2010

As it’s nearly Christmas, it must be time for the annual round-up of major developments and new research published in the children’s sector ...

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3:10 AM

Sure Start: Success or Not? Sure Start: Success or Not?

It's easy to be baffled by research... Take the example of Sure Start - the programme has been featured numerous times on this site, wi...

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7:46 AM

Teachers / Safeguarding Teachers / Safeguarding

Two new reports which should be of interest to many of the site's visitors: Safeguarding Children: Literature Review is a new report fr...

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5:41 AM

Helping Children Become Thinkers Helping Children Become Thinkers

Several people reading my last post asked me to elaborate on encouraging curiosity in young children. Using my years in the classroom, I wou...

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6:04 AM

The Children Left Behind The Children Left Behind

Last week saw the release of The Children Left Behind , a UNICEF publication which compares inequality in child wellbeing in 24 of the world...

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5:58 AM

EYES Update EYES Update

Recently I've noticed an increase in the number of searches being carried out using the EYES service (see right hand side of page). Hope...

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4:35 AM

Busy Week! Busy Week!

A bumper post today, to reflect the number of interesting studies that have come out in recent days. Without further ado... Last Friday saw ...

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3:44 AM

New DfE Research New DfE Research

Last week saw the publication of the latest monthly batch of DfE research reports. Here are some of the highlights: The Impact of Sure Start...

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6:38 AM