I've Moved! I've Moved!

Hi, this is John and I am excited to tell you that Topics in Early Childhood Education is now hosted on Wordpress. Just click here ! Please...

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11:54 AM

Review of 2012 Review of 2012

If it’s nearly Christmas, it must be time for the annual round-up of major developments and new research published in the children’s sector ...

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7:45 AM

#EYTalking #EYTalking

Since I joined Twitter I've found it an invaluable way of getting in touch with early years practitioners and for staying up-to-date wit...

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2:07 AM

Social Welfare Portal Social Welfare Portal

The British Library has just launched its Social Welfare Portal , which aims to provide quick and easy access to high quality research and p...

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5:35 AM

European Education Systems European Education Systems

A lot of students ask for information about childcare / education in other countries, so today's featured link should be useful to some ...

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2:45 AM

Here we are racing to the end of another calendar year.  The miles just keep speeding past as we navigate the race of life.  I wonder how ma...

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3:08 PM

Early Years Foundation Stage Profile Handbook Early Years Foundation Stage Profile Handbook

Some important documents have just appeared on the Department of Education website, and if you have any involvement with the Early Years Fou...

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5:50 AM

Ofsted Annual Report 2011/12 Ofsted Annual Report 2011/12

Ofsted has just published its latest annual report, the first since Michael Wilshaw was appointed as Chief Inspector. The report looks at al...

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2:11 AM

New Research New Research

A quick round-up of various new reports: The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child: a Study of Legal Implementation in 12 Countries is a...

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8:43 AM

Anti-Bullying Week Anti-Bullying Week

19 - 23 November is Anti-Bullying Week , an annual event established in 2006 by the Anti-Bullying Alliance . The theme for this year's W...

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5:56 AM

Men In Childcare Men In Childcare

One of the most common enquiries I've had in recent years is for information on men working in childcare, so a new publication from the ...

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4:11 AM

Decoding Learning Decoding Learning

A new report claims that expensive technology in schools often goes to waste because teachers have not been trained to use it . The report, ...

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6:37 AM

EYES Search EYES Search

Possibly as a result of a mention in this article on Kathy Brodie's website - thanks Kathy! - more people have recently begun to use th...

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4:12 AM

Evaluating Wikipedia Evaluating Wikipedia

A slightly controversial subject today with regards to students... Back in the summer I presented a paper which argued that Wikipedia could,...

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3:45 AM

The Safety and Security of Consistency The Safety and Security of Consistency

I was working with one of my student teachers recently and she expressed to me her exasperation with her cooperating site teacher.  They cur...

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5:10 AM

Bernard van Leer Foundation Bernard van Leer Foundation

The Bernard van Leer Foundation is an international organisation with a mission to "improve opportunities for children up to age 8 who...

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9:40 AM

Counting the Costs of Childcare Counting the Costs of Childcare

The affordability of childcare has been a hot political topic in recent years and now a new report is adding to the debate by claiming that ...

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9:24 AM

Social and Emotional Wellbeing Social and Emotional Wellbeing

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) has just published a guidance document entitled Social and Emotional Wellbe...

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6:58 AM

Children & Media Children & Media

Ofcom has just published Children and Parents: Media Use and Attitudes , which examines how young people interact with different media types...

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9:05 AM

International Education International Education

If you're looking for information on education in other countries, a really good starting point is the International Education Libguide...

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5:25 AM

Child Protection in Birmingham Child Protection in Birmingham

Birmingham City Council is unfortunately in the headlines for the wrong reasons after a recent surprise Ofsted inspection judged their child...

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1:44 AM

Double Dutch Double Dutch

Today the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) has published Double Dutch: The Case Against Deregulation & Demand-Led Funding in...

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7:56 AM

Research for Teachers Research for Teachers

One for the PGCE students today... Back when the General Teaching Council for England (GTCE) was still around, they published a series of re...

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2:43 AM

Helping Children Bloom Helping Children Bloom

We are getting ready to say goodbye to our flowers for the season.  In our area, flowers disappear with the first frost.  Although a little ...

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9:51 AM

Education on the Web Education on the Web

I normally try very hard to stay impartial when posting information here, by just describing what an item is and posting a link to it, and t...

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6:59 AM

Suggested Reading for Students (again) Suggested Reading for Students (again)

It's the first week of teaching, which explains why there's currently a daily stream of students in our office asking what Early Yea...

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3:54 AM

The Cost of A Child in the Twenty-First Century The Cost of A Child in the Twenty-First Century

I'm about a month behind with today's post, but better late than never... The Child Poverty Action Group recently published The Cost...

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4:06 AM

New from DfE New from DfE

The Department for Education has just released its latest batch of research reports, and this month there are quite a few! If you're a g...

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7:22 AM

Outdoor Play & Learning Outdoor Play & Learning

Today the National Trust is holding an event entitled the Natural Childhood Summit and has marked the occasion by releasing a new booklet c...

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2:41 AM

Literacy in the Sand Table Literacy in the Sand Table

I had the opportunity to present a workshop at the North Carolina AEYC Conference this past week.    It was a joy to meet with wonderful ear...

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5:34 AM

Open Access Research for Childhood / Education Open Access Research for Childhood / Education

Almost all of the posts on this site link to free resources (usually research reports or similar) which those with an interest in childhood ...

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8:48 AM

Education At A Glance 2012 Education At A Glance 2012

Today sees the publication of the OECD's annual Education At A Glance report. This is a huge document, comparing a mass of information ...

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3:06 AM

Children's Reading Today Children's Reading Today

The National Literacy Trust has just published the findings from it's latest annual survey. The report explores children's attitude...

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5:24 AM

It Shouldn't Happen Here It Shouldn't Happen Here

Save the Children has just published a new report entitled Child Poverty in 2012: It Shouldn’t Happen Here , to mark their first ever fundra...

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3:27 AM

Support Materials for the New EYFS Support Materials for the New EYFS

This week sees the new Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) come into effect across the children's sector. I've covered this topic be...

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3:20 AM

The Right Choice for Dual Disorders Addiction The Right Choice for Dual Disorders Addiction

Everyone who abuse substances certainly have reasons their own so they can be stuck in traps of drugs or alcohol. Often we know the peopl...

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12:51 AM

And School Begins... And School Begins...

It is that season again when most school systems begin a new academic year.  We started classes at the university last Monday, but most of t...

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5:32 AM

Summon Summon

Just a quick notice for UCB students: the Summon search service will be undergoing essential maintenance over the next few days. We will at...

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5:43 AM

The Education Debates The Education Debates

Required listening over the next couple of weeks: John Humphrys is presenting a 3 part series on Radio 4 entitled The Education Debates , in...

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7:03 AM

Charley Junior's School Days Charley Junior's School Days

Just a little something to keep site users going over the summer (there doesn't seem to be a lot of news at the moment!)... The film bel...

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6:09 AM

The Role of PCT Therapy in Bodybuilding The Role of PCT Therapy in Bodybuilding

For practitioners and athletic fitness, increase muscle mass and strength quickly is one of the most desirable state. The various elements i...

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12:31 PM

Literacy / Language Literacy / Language

First post in nearly a month! Well it is the summer... The National Council for Curriculum and Assessment in Ireland (a rough equivalent of ...

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2:57 AM

Rehabilitation centers for alcohol addicts Rehabilitation centers for alcohol addicts

Alcohol is one of the most abused substances in modern society. Most people are drinking alcohol to relieve stress or cool down. Alc...

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12:04 PM