For practitioners and athletic fitness, increase muscle mass and strength quickly is one of the most desirable state. The various elements it needs to exist at the same time to get maximum muscle growth. When anabolic androgenic steroid users complete the cycle, the natural production of hormones, especially testosterone is suppressed. It is important to restore these hormones to their home countries to reduce some side effects post cycle. Side effects like a lot, including losing weight and strength, inability to maintain muscle mass gained during the cycle and depression. To avoid this, the PCT may be useful bodybuilding.

Some bodybuilders use drugs such as anabolic steroids to increase their muscle strength, which basically increases the size of muscle cells. This drug does this by increasing protein synthesis in cells. Increase protein synthesis led to the buildup of cellular tissue, especially in muscles. Steroids post cycle therapy is a method that uses drugs to try and restore and stabilize hormone users when the cycle has stopped suppressing androgenic steroids. The main goal is to bring the hormones back to normal. This therapy also helps users to maintain overall health and maintain muscle tissue.

Time to start therapy can vary from one person to another, as quoted in this article. But this largely depends on the compound administered during the cycle. Before starting this therapy, someone suggested to go for steroids during a certain time to allow the body to recover. Started therapy when androgen levels are still high in the body may make therapy less efficient. Combining this therapy with proper exercise and nutrition special could go a long way in helping the PCT bodybuilding. It is also important to have adequate rest. These include healing and sleep between workouts. By doing so it loses power, weight loss and depression will be minimized. Body will also be able to maintain that muscle mass is obtained during the cycle.


  1. Most of us want to have a muscle mass. We worked hard for this to have a good result and sometimes this can lead to sore muscle and strain. This pain is very frustrating to us. One of the method to have a muscle recovery is what we called the RICE method, RICE stands for rest, ice, compression and elevation.