New from Department for Education New from Department for Education

The Department for Education has released a raft of new research reports; among them are three which readers may find particularly interesti...

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5:23 AM

Academies Act 2010 Academies Act 2010

This week saw the passing of the Academies Act 2010 , the piece of legislation which will enable the setting up of 'free schools' (s...

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3:31 AM

Detecting Autism Detecting Autism

A new study from the US has found that autism can be detected by the unique noises that babies make . The research, which was carried out at...

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4:52 AM

Playwork Survey Playwork Survey

A new survey from SkillsActive has found that many playwork employers say that they cannot find staff with the skills they require; 44% of ...

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2:36 AM

New Child Protection Reports New Child Protection Reports

Two new publications if you have an interest in child protection issues: Smoking, Drinking and Drug use Among Young People in England in 200...

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4:07 AM

Vulnerable Children in Birmingham Vulnerable Children in Birmingham

Birmingham's children's services are unfortunately once again in the national headlines for the wrong reasons. Yesterday saw the pub...

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1:52 AM

No More Runaway Crayons! No More Runaway Crayons!

Once in a while, a product comes along that makes life so much easier. Sometimes it is the simplest of creations, but it changes the way thi...

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4:23 PM

Interview with Children's Minister Interview with Children's Minister

Two months in for the coalition government, and some of their policy proposals are becoming a little clearer. This previous post dealt with...

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6:11 AM

Family Friendly Report Card 2010 Family Friendly Report Card 2010

Exam season is almost upon us, so the Family and Parenting Institute has entered into the spirit of things by awarding the UK a report card...

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3:50 AM

Childhoods Today Childhoods Today

Childhoods Today is a free-to-access, online peer-reviewed journal, which publishes two issues a year and is produced by the Centre for the...

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2:33 AM

To the Left or to the Right? To the Left or to the Right?

A couple of years ago I ran into these two signs in Hawaii. One arrow says, "Parking Lot this Way" and the second arrow pointing i...

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8:56 PM

Social Trends 2010 Social Trends 2010

The latest Social Trends (No 40) has just been published. For those who don't know, Social Trends is an annual publication which takes...

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12:51 AM

Something for Everyone Something for Everyone

Bear with me, today's update is going to be a monster. I've been away for a week, during which it seems that the childcare sector ha...

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6:38 AM