Extended Schools Extended Schools

Students with an interest in the impact of Extended Schools should take a look at a new, in-depth publication from the DCSF. Extended School...

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3:00 AM

The Cost of Childcare The Cost of Childcare

The Daycare Trust has just published Childcare Costs Survey 2009 , it's eighth annual survey examining the cost of nursery places, child...

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1:56 AM

Circling in Space Circling in Space

I got a new laptop computer for Christmas. It was my attempt to place all of my university media files on a personal computer. I love this n...

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7:43 PM

Funding for Phonics Funding for Phonics

The DCSF has recently announced that local authorities are to receive £9m of funding to deliver phonics programmes for young children . The ...

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3:11 AM

BMJ Journals BMJ Journals

The BMJ Journals site (available on Athens) has recently made a couple of changes which make it a little trickier to use. You can still acce...

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9:43 AM

Who Cares About The White Working Class? Who Cares About The White Working Class?

The Runnymede Trust is an independent organisation which seeks to promote a multi-ethnic Britain, so its latest publication (containing sho...

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2:58 AM

Male Nursery Staff Male Nursery Staff

New research commissioned by the Children's Workforce Development Council seems to have created a bit of a stir. The study examined the...

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1:47 AM

Stuck In The Middle Stuck In The Middle

A new report from Action for Children argues that the 'middle years of youth' (6-13 years old) are a period in which not enough sup...

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5:10 AM

A-Z of Legislation A-Z of Legislation

Recently I posted about some guides on CCInform which are useful for giving you an overview of various legislation relating to children and ...

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2:12 AM

The Fridge is Full Again The Fridge is Full Again

Three of my grandchildren just had a sleepover at our house this week. I love having them stay! We always have such a great time. My two gra...

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7:15 PM

Firefox Tips Firefox Tips

A quick internet tip: an increasing number of Web users are switching from Internet Explorer to Firefox as their browser of choice as it off...

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6:31 AM

Virtual Learning Virtual Learning

A new report from Ofsted states that many schools and colleges have been slow to embrace online materials , with examples of good practice o...

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2:25 AM

Social Mobility Social Mobility

Today sees the launch of the government's New Opportunities white paper, which contains proposals to increase social mobility in the UK...

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2:43 AM

A New Group A New Group

Today was the first day of classes at the university. The one fun thing about teaching on the college level is that you get fresh faces in ...

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3:38 PM

Young People in the Media Young People in the Media

A new piece of research from the National Children's Bureau (NCB) investigates how young people feel about their treatment at the hands ...

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4:20 AM

Mixed Bag Mixed Bag

A brief overview of various reports and documents which have appeared in recent weeks: Early Childhood Transitions Research: A Review of Con...

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3:16 AM

Children's Services in Birmingham Children's Services in Birmingham

Many of the blog readers either work for Birmingham City Council or will have children living in the Birmingham area, so you may be interest...

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2:27 AM

Parenting Policy Development Parenting Policy Development

The Family & Parenting Institute has recently launched a simple but very effective online resource which should be of interest to most ...

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2:13 AM

Legislation Guides on CCInform Legislation Guides on CCInform

A slow news day so here's another plug for CCInform to which all students now have access (see previous post for details on how to acce...

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3:47 AM

Child Development Child Development

The work of the Millennium Cohort Study has been covered before on the blog (see previous post for details), and the project is likely to ...

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5:33 AM