Creativity in Schools Creativity in Schools

An new report from the Parliamentary Education and Skills Commitee has flagged the importance of creativity as part of a balanced curricul...

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3:28 AM

Bereavement Bereavement

Several students have recently asked what information is available on child bereavement, which seems as good an excuse as any to make that t...

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4:25 AM

The Invisible Web The Invisible Web

As it's a slow news day, here's the latest instalment of an occasional series of search tips / tricks which appear on this blog. Tod...

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4:19 AM

When's Your Birthday? When's Your Birthday?

A report from the Institute of Fiscal Studies has confirmed what many have suspected for a long time; the date of a child's birthday ca...

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2:51 AM

Community Family Support Resources Community Family Support Resources

The number of students from the FdA Community Family Support who have visited the library office today suggests that you're all rather k...

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8:14 AM

Internet Safety Internet Safety

A new campaign has been launched by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP), with the aim of helping young children to ...

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3:35 AM

Child Obesity Child Obesity

One of the most common enquiries from students is requests for information on child obesity, so no doubt many readers will be interested in ...

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6:16 AM

Families & Neighbourhoods Families & Neighbourhoods

Yesterday saw the publication of a survey based on interviews with 2,100 parents across England. The survey, entitled Families and Neighbour...

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2:28 AM

Video Games Video Games

This post is being created primarily in response to the person who left a comment on Monday's post regarding children and video games, b...

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4:00 AM

Alternative Education Alternative Education

A bizarre story in the Guardian today tells of a 'secret school' in Germany which had apparently escaped the notice of the local au...

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3:20 AM

Latest from OnTheWeb Latest from OnTheWeb

Once again the people behind the OnTheWeb service ( click here for details) have done an excellent job of bringing together details of new ...

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3:08 AM

Appropriate Practice-cont. Appropriate Practice-cont.

I should have done a better job last posting of explaining about my 'adopted' grandchildren. Those two cuties are not my grandchild...

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8:53 AM

Primary Review Primary Review

Primary Review is an independent project based at the University of Cambridge which is taking a detailed look at primary education in the UK...

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1:19 AM

Nursery Places Nursery Places

The Daycare Trust and National Centre for Social Research have just collaborated on Childcare Nation , a report which aims to act as a com...

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2:29 AM

Space Learning Space Learning

If you're a devotee of the cult 1960s programme The Prisoner , then you may remember one episode where the characters were exposed to a ...

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9:37 AM

We Know Too Much We Know Too Much

Sometimes I think that well-trained early childhood educators know too much. It may certainly be the case when we look at our own children a...

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5:12 AM

Rounding Up The Reports Rounding Up The Reports

Friday feels like a good day to round up some of the reports which have recently been published but not yet featured on the blog, so hopeful...

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3:12 AM

It's a Family Affair... It's a Family Affair...

The changing face of the family in the UK is highlighted today with the publication of Focus on Families . This publication takes an incred...

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3:58 AM

School Dinners / Children's Television School Dinners / Children's Television

Just like buses, it seems that news stories relating to children seem to come in twos and threes... The first headline of interest today rel...

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3:43 AM

Children & Doctors Children & Doctors

Anyone writing about children's health issues may be interested in taking a look at a new publication from the General Medical Council. ...

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2:57 AM

Great Books Great Books

Teacher's TV and the National Union of Teachers (NUT) are collaborating on a project to find out which books have most inspired the pe...

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2:47 AM