Age and Development Age and Development

A new study carried out by the NFER has concluded that summer-born children are more likely to develop special educational needs; the liter...

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2:22 AM

Fathering / Parenting Fathering / Parenting

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation has just published a collection of research reports which examine different aspects of parenting and the role...

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2:52 AM

Birmingham for Families Birmingham for Families

The next time you're passing the Central Library, try popping in for 2 minutes and picking up a copy of Birmingham for Families (see bel...

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3:24 AM

I Need to be Twins I Need to be Twins

I went to my granddaughter's class for grandparents day this past week. We had a great time. I have another little friend in my granddau...

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4:09 PM

Teaching Resources Teaching Resources

Welcome to all of the new students on the College's PGCE programme. This post is intended to point you towards some of the Web resources...

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5:54 AM

History of Primary Schools History of Primary Schools

From Abacus to Circle Time: A Short History of the Primary School is the title of a 3 part series which begins today on Radio 4 at 4pm. Eac...

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3:27 AM

Childcare and Early Years Survey of Parents Childcare and Early Years Survey of Parents

The DCSF recently published its annual Childcare and Early Years Survey of Parents . This report examines information on parental childcare ...

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3:24 AM

Support Staff in Schools Support Staff in Schools

A new study by the Institute of Education looks likely to prove controversial, after it concluded that pupils who are supported by teaching ...

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5:00 AM

Guidance from Ofsted Guidance from Ofsted

The mere mention of 'Ofsted' may strike fear into you if you work in a early years or education setting, but on this occasion it see...

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3:48 AM

Doing Better for Children Doing Better for Children

A new publication from the OECD suggests that high public spending in the UK on child welfare and education is failing to deliver results . ...

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3:34 AM

The Open Classroom The Open Classroom

I have the opportunity to supervise student teachers this school year. I've always wanted that assignment. I thought I was well-suited f...

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3:34 PM