Sure Start Children's Centres Sure Start Children's Centres

The Parliamentary Education Committee has just published a new report about Sure Start Children's Centres. The MPs' report argues th...

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2:10 AM

Ofsted & Free Schools Ofsted & Free Schools

Two days after you write a review of the year (see previous post ), two more important reports come out that should probably have made the c...

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3:37 AM

Poverty and Social Exclusion 2013 Poverty and Social Exclusion 2013

The 2013 edition of Monitoring Poverty and Social Exclusion has just been published. This is an annual report from the Joseph Rowntree Foun...

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7:38 AM

Review of 2013 Review of 2013

If it's nearly Christmas, it must be time for a review of major developments and new research published in the children's sector dur...

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7:01 AM

Childhood & Education: A Collection of Open Access Journal Articles Childhood & Education: A Collection of Open Access Journal Articles

I've written on here before about the usefulness of Open Access research (see previous post for details), but today's post is speci...

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3:55 PM

The Role of Children's Centres The Role of Children's Centres

The National Children's Bureau has today published a set of essays which should be of interest to most readers of this site. Partnership...

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7:35 AM

Children and Young People's Writing Children and Young People's Writing

The National Literacy Trust has just published Children and Young People's Writing , a new report which looks at data from its annual l...

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5:07 AM

The Early Years: an International Perspective The Early Years: an International Perspective

Tonight's #EYTalking topic on Twitter (see previous post for details) is all about sharing ideas and suggestions on what an internation...

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9:35 AM

Anti-Bullying Week Anti-Bullying Week

Next week (18-22 November) is Anti-Bullying Week , an annual event established by the Anti-Bullying Alliance . If you've got an interest...

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8:03 AM

Children's Centre Census 2013 Children's Centre Census 2013

Yesterday the 4Children charity published Children's Centre Census 2013 . This document tries to present a detailed picture of the curr...

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8:47 AM

The Impact of Fostering The Impact of Fostering

An interesting new publication from the University of Oxford examines an area that perhaps rarely receives attention. The Impact of Fosterin...

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7:32 AM

International Reports International Reports

3 separate recently published international reports have popped up in my feeds today, which seems as good an excuse as any for a themed blog...

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3:38 AM

They Took Us to the Sea They Took Us to the Sea

If you have 25 minutes to spare, today's post is a real treat. Below is They Took Us to the Sea , a charming but also very moving 1963 f...

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2:04 AM

EYFS Results EYFS Results

Today sees the release of the first set of results for the new Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Profile, which was introduced in Septembe...

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2:13 AM

The Right to Play The Right to Play

The Bernard van Leer Foundation (see previous post for details)has just published the latest edition in its Early Childhood in Focus serie...

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3:40 AM

Investing in Our Future Investing in Our Future

A common theme of research reports on early years education is the impact that such programmes have on the child in later life. Now another ...

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3:19 AM

Early Years Foundation Stage Handbook 2014 Early Years Foundation Stage Handbook 2014

The DfE has just published the latest version of the Early Years Foundation Stage Handbook . This is designed to support early years practit...

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4:55 AM

Ofsted Social Care Annual Report Ofsted Social Care Annual Report

Today sees the publication of Ofsted's first Social Care Annual Report . The report has already made headlines for concluding that child...

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3:17 AM

Free Research Seminar Free Research Seminar

I don't usually promote training events on this site, but this one's free and local so... On Tuesday 5th November the Centre for Res...

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5:51 AM

Early Years / Education Blogs Early Years / Education Blogs

A few years ago I did a mini-research project about Web 2.0 with our undergraduate students. One of the questions on the survey was "Do...

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9:13 AM

Too Young to Fail Too Young to Fail

A new report from Save the Children examines how children from low-income families can be affected by falling behind in school from a young...

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2:06 AM

1940s Childhood 1940s Childhood

3 videos for the price of one today... Below are some film clips from the British Council Film Collection , each depicting different aspects...

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2:20 AM

School Readiness School Readiness

A common theme of many reports and debates this year has been the subject of at what age children should start school, or what sort of provi...

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9:25 AM

Finding Information for your Dissertation Finding Information for your Dissertation

It’s that time of year again when final year students flood into the library asking questions about finding information for their dissertati...

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6:59 AM

1940s English School 1940s English School

It's a slow news day and there haven't been any film clips on this site for a while, so take a look at the below. It's a 1940s v...

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6:40 AM

Centres of Excellence? Centres of Excellence?

A new report from the Policy Exchange think tank looks at how Children's Centres are coping with the cuts that have hit the public sect...

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3:09 AM

Best Practice for Schools Best Practice for Schools

This week the CfBT Education Trust has published a series of reports that may be of interest to readers of this site, particularly if you&#...

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8:01 AM

When Should Children Start School? When Should Children Start School?

There are currently a lot of headlines and a lot of noise on social networks relating to a letter which has appeared in today's Telegrap...

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5:56 AM

New National Curriculum Framework New National Curriculum Framework

If you're a teacher or trainee teacher, you're going to need to read today's post... The DfE has just published the framework fo...

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8:53 AM

Teachers' Standards Teachers' Standards

Following a request from one of our new PGCE students yesterday, here's a link to the Teachers' Standards which you'll need to ...

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2:42 AM

Breaking Barriers Breaking Barriers

Breaking Barriers is a new report from the Children's Society which examines the impact of budget cuts on children's centres, and ...

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5:39 AM

Early Years Outcomes Early Years Outcomes

On a similar note to my previous post, the DfE has just published Early Years Outcomes , a piece of non-statutory guidance which sets out th...

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2:16 AM

Universally Speaking Universally Speaking

The Communication Trust has just released a really useful set of booklets which outline where children should be with their communication s...

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6:11 AM

Requires Improvement Requires Improvement

A new publication from the Centre for Social Justice examines disadvantage in the education system in England. Requires Improvement: The Ca...

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3:29 AM

Greater Expectations Greater Expectations

Last week the National Children's Bureau published Greater Expectations: Raising Aspirations for our Children . This is a detailed repor...

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8:12 AM

Greatest Hits! Greatest Hits!

There's been very little to report in the last couple of weeks - perhaps all the policy makers and researchers are on holiday, hence the...

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6:37 AM

Early Developments Early Developments

There's yet another early years report out today - this one is titled Early Developments: Bridging the Gap Between Evidence and Policy i...

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2:55 AM