Paradise Where You Are Paradise Where You Are

Here we sit in the snow and cold as another winter is upon us. We recently returned for a trip to Hawaii. How glorious it was to experienc...

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4:48 PM

Review of 2009 Review of 2009

If it's nearly Christmas, it must be time for the endless 'best of' and 'most important' lists that appear everywhere at...

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7:11 AM

Lamb Inquiry Lamb Inquiry

In a year that's produced a string of reviews and inquiries, it seems that there's still time for a final one before 2009 ends. The ...

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7:02 AM

New Reports from Becta New Reports from Becta

Becta have recently released several new publications which should be relevant to those of you with an interest in ICT. Or if you are a par...

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7:00 AM

Child Internet Safety Strategy Child Internet Safety Strategy

The UK Council for Child Internet Safety was set up in the wake of the Byron Review (see previous post for details), and brings together o...

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6:21 AM

Changes to Children's Play Changes to Children's Play

Tonight sees the first of two episodes of Hop, Skip and Jump (see previous post for details), which charts the evolution of children's...

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4:41 AM

Social Work Task Force Social Work Task Force

Last week saw the publication of the final report of the Social Work Task Force , which was commissioned by the government to conduct a comp...

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5:34 AM

Writing Skills Writing Skills

The National Literacy Trust have been busy again, with a new investigation which has concluded that blogging and social networking sites ca...

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6:02 AM

Hop, Skip and Jump Hop, Skip and Jump

Next Tuesday (8th December) you might want to tune into BBC4 at 9pm for the first episode of Hop Skip and Jump: The Story of Children's ...

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3:01 AM

Going Bowling Going Bowling

We went bowling with the grandkids the other day and it was great. I had forgotten that they have these nifty metal racks for the children t...

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7:45 PM

Family Trends and Policy Family Trends and Policy

A new publication from the Family and Parenti ng Institute says that the nuclear family is breaking down , with relations outside of the fa...

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5:01 AM

Underachievement Underachievement

Those of you with an interest in the attainment of children from ethnic minorities may be interested in a new review which suggests that tea...

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3:29 AM

Improving Safety, Reducing Harm Improving Safety, Reducing Harm

The Department of Health has recently published Improving Safety, Reducing Harm: Children, Young People and Domestic Violence . This is a pr...

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3:37 AM

A Quick Catch Up A Quick Catch Up

Children's rights, mental health issues and family intervention are all covered in today's bumper post, which covers a number of rec...

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3:24 AM

Ofsted Under Fire Ofsted Under Fire

Today sees the publication of Ofsted 's annual report ( click here for links to the report and various supporting documents and summari...

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3:15 AM

State of the World's Children State of the World's Children

Last week saw the publication of UNICEF 's annual State of the World's Children report. This year the publication has a special them...

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2:32 AM

EYES Search EYES Search

Another slow news day so another appeal for feedback from users... From looking at the stats of visitors for this site, it seems that in rec...

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8:57 AM

Information Workshop 2 Information Workshop 2

Just a reminder (see previous post for details) that if you'd be interested in being introduced to useful techniques to staying on top ...

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2:34 AM

Anti-Bullying Week Anti-Bullying Week

This week is National Anti-Bullying Week, which means that a number of organisations are seeking to raise awareness of issues surrounding al...

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5:21 AM

Happy Birthday Happy Birthday

If you've looked at any of the entertaining logos on Google's homepage during the last week, you've probably realised that Sesam...

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7:17 AM

Regulating Play-Based Provision Regulating Play-Based Provision

A new factsheet from Ofsted seeks to clarify how play providers can meet the requirements of the EYFS without altering existing good practic...

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2:26 AM

The Really Good School Dinner The Really Good School Dinner

If you work in a school, is your institution involved in the Really Good School Dinner? Now into it's second year, this project enables ...

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5:07 AM

Spring in the Fall Spring in the Fall

I was struck by an extraordinary thought the other day as I was raking up leaves. We go somewhat overboard with our yard, so every fall we m...

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2:37 PM

Safeguarding Children Safeguarding Children

I've written about the Centre for Excellence and Outcomes in Children and Young People's Services (C4EO) site on here a few times ...

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5:22 AM

20 Years of the Children Act 20 Years of the Children Act

It's been 20 years since the passing of the Children Act 1989, a landmark piece of legislation which still governs much of how cases inv...

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11:42 AM

Information Workshop Information Workshop

"Where do you get all the information for the blog?" "It must take you hours to find all this stuff!" "Haven't ...

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6:43 AM

Social Trends Social Trends

Following a request from a student for information about the UK, I was reminded that I haven't yet put up a link to this year's edit...

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3:34 AM

Playday 2009 Playday 2009

I've been a little slow off the mark with this one, but the 5th August was this year's Playday , an annual event which celebrates ch...

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4:22 AM

Social Care TV Social Care TV

This blog often mentions Teachers TV and some of the many useful programmes that you can find on their website; now the Social Care Institu...

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9:49 AM

Children's Workforce Development Council Children's Workforce Development Council

The Children's Workforce Development Council (CWDC) is largely funded by the DCSF and helps to co-ordinate the way that the various age...

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2:38 AM

The Human Family The Human Family

I was having a conversation with a coworker recently about supporting children who come from different family configurations. I told him tha...

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6:40 PM

Fathers, Family & Work Fathers, Family & Work

The Equality and Human Rights Commission has just published a short report which examines how working fathers attempt to juggle their work-...

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8:06 AM

Primary Review - Final Report Primary Review - Final Report

Today sees the publication of the final report of the Cambridge Primary Review , which has been widely described as "the largest review...

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2:22 AM

SEN / Childcare Providers SEN / Childcare Providers

Here are details of two new reports from the DCSF, both of them of interest to those of you looking for figures / statistics: Children with ...

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6:19 AM

Early Learning Partnerships Early Learning Partnerships

A new study by the Family and Parenting Institute examines the impact of the Early Learning Partnership Project (ELPP), a government-funded...

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2:55 AM

Protecting Children in Birmingham Protecting Children in Birmingham

A new report on Birmingham's children's social care department makes for uncomfortable reading. Following criticism from Ofsted, a t...

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3:07 AM

Building Brain Connections Building Brain Connections

I was traveling on an airplane this week and I had the privilege of sitting next to a mechanical engineer. He was traveling for work on his ...

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6:51 AM

Children and Domestic Violence Children and Domestic Violence

A new study from the NSPCC examines the difficult issue of domestic violence and the support received by children who are witnesses to such ...

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2:27 AM

Age and Development Age and Development

A new study carried out by the NFER has concluded that summer-born children are more likely to develop special educational needs; the liter...

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2:22 AM

Fathering / Parenting Fathering / Parenting

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation has just published a collection of research reports which examine different aspects of parenting and the role...

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2:52 AM

Birmingham for Families Birmingham for Families

The next time you're passing the Central Library, try popping in for 2 minutes and picking up a copy of Birmingham for Families (see bel...

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3:24 AM

I Need to be Twins I Need to be Twins

I went to my granddaughter's class for grandparents day this past week. We had a great time. I have another little friend in my granddau...

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4:09 PM

Teaching Resources Teaching Resources

Welcome to all of the new students on the College's PGCE programme. This post is intended to point you towards some of the Web resources...

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5:54 AM

History of Primary Schools History of Primary Schools

From Abacus to Circle Time: A Short History of the Primary School is the title of a 3 part series which begins today on Radio 4 at 4pm. Eac...

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3:27 AM

Childcare and Early Years Survey of Parents Childcare and Early Years Survey of Parents

The DCSF recently published its annual Childcare and Early Years Survey of Parents . This report examines information on parental childcare ...

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3:24 AM

Support Staff in Schools Support Staff in Schools

A new study by the Institute of Education looks likely to prove controversial, after it concluded that pupils who are supported by teaching ...

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5:00 AM

Guidance from Ofsted Guidance from Ofsted

The mere mention of 'Ofsted' may strike fear into you if you work in a early years or education setting, but on this occasion it see...

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3:48 AM

Doing Better for Children Doing Better for Children

A new publication from the OECD suggests that high public spending in the UK on child welfare and education is failing to deliver results . ...

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3:34 AM

The Open Classroom The Open Classroom

I have the opportunity to supervise student teachers this school year. I've always wanted that assignment. I thought I was well-suited f...

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3:34 PM

CCInform CCInform

Today's post is a reminder to students about the CCInform service. I've written about this site before (see previous post ), but hav...

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5:41 AM

Time... Time...

I was asking my 'brand new second grader' granddaughter the other day how things were going in second grade. "Good," was h...

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12:38 PM

What does a Social Worker do? What does a Social Worker do?

Those of you with an interest in social work want to take a look at a new consultation document which has been published by the Children...

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2:50 AM

New Reports for August New Reports for August

Another sporadic summer update for those of you who are missing College already: An EU report has just been released with the title Child Tr...

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7:51 AM

Beauty in Getting Along Beauty in Getting Along

I just finished watching my grandchildren for several days while their parents were out of town. I guess I had more energy when I was younge...

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12:19 PM

It Tastes Ymmy It Tastes Ymmy

We have three new little turtles in the pond in our yard. It has taken a month or so for us to train the little ones to come to the surface ...

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7:54 PM

Poverty / Forced Marriage Poverty / Forced Marriage

Two new reports that may interest readers: Living with Poverty: a Review of the Literature of Children's and Families' Experiences o...

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7:48 AM

Another Round Up Another Round Up

Once again it's been a while since there were any new posts on here. This is because our visitor numbers tail off dramatically during ho...

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8:04 AM

There's Always Ice Cream! There's Always Ice Cream!

We went from a long wet, cool spring (unusual for us) to a blistering hot summer this month! We were trying to enjoy a family birthday barbe...

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1:10 PM

The Good and the Bad The Good and the Bad

I was reminded recently about how there seems to be opposition in all things. We built a deck last summer underneath a very large and very o...

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8:13 PM

I Like the Real Thing I Like the Real Thing

Earlier this month I accompanied my granddaughter's first grade class to a museum of 'natural history.' I'm always disappoin...

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3:45 PM

Round Up Round Up

There haven't been any posts on here for a while, so here's a round up of recent reports in the early years sector: The government h...

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6:59 AM

Here We Go Again... Here We Go Again...

I recently heard from a former coworker who taught with me for a number of years. She mentioned that in her new district they are always rei...

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8:25 PM

Supporting Young Carers Supporting Young Carers

A new report from Ofsted has concluded that children who have caring responsibilities are often "unidentified, unsupported and without ...

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2:19 AM

School Leadership School Leadership

The DCSF has just published The Impact of School Leadership on Pupil Outcomes . This is a lengthy report which reports on a three year study...

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3:28 AM

We're Still Here! We're Still Here!

A number of students have asked in recent days whether the library is open during the summer. The answer, as in other years, is yes! From th...

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2:51 AM

Creative Summer Creative Summer

The Guardian is launching a new series entitled Creative Summer, which will explore how teachers, teaching assistants and pupils are finding...

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3:53 AM

She Can't Talk! She Can't Talk!

Every spring the turtle in our backyard pond goes wandering. We think it has something to do with trying to lay eggs, but we need to keep on...

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4:10 PM

Information on Faith Schools Information on Faith Schools

Following a student's request for information on faith schools, and having discovered a couple of resources that were new to me, it seem...

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4:32 AM

Creative Classrooms Creative Classrooms

A new article on the BBC website by education columnist Mike Baker talks about the benefits of creative classrooms . This has been prompted ...

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5:26 AM

Low Levels of Attainment Low Levels of Attainment

A recent report from the Centre for Research on the Wider Benefits of Learning examines what factors can influence low educational attainme...

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5:38 AM