There haven't been any posts on here for a while, so here's a round up of recent reports in the early years sector:

The government has announced plans to make it a legal duty for themselves and local authorities to eradicate child poverty by 2020. To achieve this they have published a Child Poverty Bill which sets out how this aim should be achieved. The full text of the bill is available from this link, while a 7 page overview can be obtained by clicking here.

The government has also moved to tighten the regulations on home education, by forcing parents who choose to educate their child in this way to register with local authorities and undergo inspections. The plans are outlined in Graham Badman's Review of Elective Home Education in England, with all the report's recommendations being accepted by the government.

The NSPCC has published Breaking the Wall of Silence, which is a detailed investigation into practitioners' experiences of dealing with children who have been trafficked. A summary version is also available.


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