Childlink Revamped Childlink Revamped

Regular Athens users will know how useful the Childlink service can be. If you've not looked at it before, it contains full text news st...

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4:38 AM

A Playground on Rock? A Playground on Rock?

We went on a family outing to southern Utah this past weekend. We were able to see Canyonlands and Natural Bridges National Parks. It was a ...

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7:44 PM

LiteracyActionNet LiteracyActionNet

LiteracyActionNet is a new website and is a joint project between Lemos & Crane , the National Literacy Trust and Dyslexia Action . Th...

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3:48 AM

Education Mobility in England Education Mobility in England

A new report from the Sutton Trust argues that social mobility in England lags behind many other developed countries . The research, which f...

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6:59 AM

Cohabitation, Marriage & Child Outcomes Cohabitation, Marriage & Child Outcomes

New research from the Institute of Fiscal Studies suggests that marriage does little for child development . While their new report, Cohabit...

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3:43 AM

Finishing a 5 K Finishing a 5 K

This past weekend I competed in a 5K race to celebrate my birthday. The best part of the entire experience is that this old man finished the...

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7:40 PM

New from NSPCC Inform New from NSPCC Inform

The NSPCC Inform website (see previous post for details) has published a collection of new briefing papers. Among those which should intere...

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3:24 AM

Election Education Podcast Election Education Podcast

When the media isn't telling us the latest about volcanic ash, it's continuing to cover the election campaign in detail. A new podca...

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2:45 AM

Who Gets Your Vote? Who Gets Your Vote?

The election campaign is well under way, and the result will have implications for family, education and children's services, regardless...

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6:10 AM

Effective Practice to Protect Children Effective Practice to Protect Children

The Centre for Excellence and Outcomes in Children and Young People's Services (C4EO) have added a new research report to the many oth...

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3:36 AM

Children, Schools & Family Act 2010 Children, Schools & Family Act 2010

More election fallout: one of the Bills which was rushed through before the close of Parliament ahead of campaigning was the Children, Schoo...

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6:42 AM

Parenting Skills Parenting Skills

The Family & Parenting Institute has released a new publication entitled The Delivery of Parent Skills Training Programmes . This detail...

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6:44 AM

Children, Schools & Family Reports Children, Schools & Family Reports

With Parliament due to dissolve this week ahead of the General Election, a lot of business is being rushed through before the campaign can b...

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5:50 AM

Straight in at Number 34... Straight in at Number 34...

This blog has won a prize! Well, sort of... Online Degrees is an American site which aims to provide informal support to students who are co...

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6:32 AM