Paradise Where You Are Paradise Where You Are

Here we sit in the snow and cold as another winter is upon us. We recently returned for a trip to Hawaii. How glorious it was to experienc...

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4:48 PM

Review of 2009 Review of 2009

If it's nearly Christmas, it must be time for the endless 'best of' and 'most important' lists that appear everywhere at...

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7:11 AM

Lamb Inquiry Lamb Inquiry

In a year that's produced a string of reviews and inquiries, it seems that there's still time for a final one before 2009 ends. The ...

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7:02 AM

New Reports from Becta New Reports from Becta

Becta have recently released several new publications which should be relevant to those of you with an interest in ICT. Or if you are a par...

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7:00 AM

Child Internet Safety Strategy Child Internet Safety Strategy

The UK Council for Child Internet Safety was set up in the wake of the Byron Review (see previous post for details), and brings together o...

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6:21 AM

Changes to Children's Play Changes to Children's Play

Tonight sees the first of two episodes of Hop, Skip and Jump (see previous post for details), which charts the evolution of children's...

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4:41 AM

Social Work Task Force Social Work Task Force

Last week saw the publication of the final report of the Social Work Task Force , which was commissioned by the government to conduct a comp...

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5:34 AM

Writing Skills Writing Skills

The National Literacy Trust have been busy again, with a new investigation which has concluded that blogging and social networking sites ca...

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6:02 AM

Hop, Skip and Jump Hop, Skip and Jump

Next Tuesday (8th December) you might want to tune into BBC4 at 9pm for the first episode of Hop Skip and Jump: The Story of Children's ...

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3:01 AM

Going Bowling Going Bowling

We went bowling with the grandkids the other day and it was great. I had forgotten that they have these nifty metal racks for the children t...

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7:45 PM

Family Trends and Policy Family Trends and Policy

A new publication from the Family and Parenti ng Institute says that the nuclear family is breaking down , with relations outside of the fa...

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5:01 AM