Early Childhood Standards Early Childhood Standards

I am currently working on a committee for my state to see how closely our preschool standards are aligned in preparing children for the Comm...

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1:50 PM

New DfE Research New DfE Research

The Department for Education tends to release a batch of research reports at the end of each month, and the latest ones have just been publ...

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2:14 AM

Childhood and Education on Twitter Childhood and Education on Twitter

I've recently set up a Twitter account, and so to the right hand side of this page you'll now see an area entitled 'Twitter Upda...

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6:17 AM

Foster Care Fortnight Foster Care Fortnight

Monday saw the beginning of Foster Care Fortnight , which seems as good an excuse as any to post some resources about fostering, as it's...

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2:28 AM

Excellence in English Excellence in English

A new report from Ofsted argues that creativity in the classroom allows for better teaching of English . The publication, entitled Excellenc...

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1:46 AM

A New Beginning A New Beginning

I just watched 23 of my student teachers graduate last week. Now they are actively interviewing for jobs as the local school districts are s...

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10:20 AM

Return of Teachers TV Return of Teachers TV

A couple of weeks ago (see previous post ) I mentioned that the Teachers TV website would no longer be available. Since then, two separate w...

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7:10 AM

How Quiet Helps at School How Quiet Helps at School

Regular readers of this site will know that while most of the posts on here deal with new reports and research, I occasionally try to introd...

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3:57 AM

The Munro Review of Child Protection The Munro Review of Child Protection

Today sees the publication of the final report of the Munro Review of Child Protection. The review was launched in June last year, with a br...

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2:20 AM

Anti-Bullying Strategies Anti-Bullying Strategies

The Department for Education has recently published The Use and Effectiveness of Anti-Bullying Strategies in Schools . This project was cond...

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7:17 AM

Best Behaviour Best Behaviour

The Policy Exchange think tank has recently published Best Behaviour: School Discipline, Intervention and Exclusion . This is a report whic...

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7:11 AM

Childhood & Education on YouTube Childhood & Education on YouTube

Similar to my recent post on useful Twitter feeds , today's update looks at which YouTube channels are available that have direct releva...

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7:37 AM

Counting the Laps Counting the Laps

I was brainstorming with one of my former student teachers about a child she is working with who exhibits violent behavior when everything d...

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11:23 AM