Yaa..Well...There's Always Mashed Potatoes. Yaa..Well...There's Always Mashed Potatoes.

I was excited to help in my granddaughter's first grade class recently. She has a great teacher, but I still thought about telling her t...

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5:08 PM

Play for a Change Play for a Change

Several students I know are doing research into children's play at the moment, so hopefully all of them (and many other readers) will fi...

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3:00 AM

Education For All Education For All

The latest edition of UNESCO's annual global monitoring report for education makes for depressing reading. In previous years the organis...

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2:32 AM

New Laws on Forced Marriages New Laws on Forced Marriages

Last year the Forced Marriage (Civil Protection) Act 2007 was voted through by parliament, and from today this legislation is to be impleme...

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2:12 AM

Children and Young People in Mind Children and Young People in Mind

When the Children's Plan was published by the DCSF in December last year, one of the announcements that it contained was for an independ...

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7:37 AM

What Happened? What Happened?

If you think the blog looks different, you'd be right! Unfortunately we had some technical problems with the previous template which was...

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7:16 AM

Pupil Attainment Pupil Attainment

The DCSF has just released detailed statistics on pupil attainment for the last academic year, which are broken down by various pupil charac...

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7:10 AM

CCInform (Again!) CCInform (Again!)

It's a slow news day, so I'd just like to take another opportunity to remind students about CCInform which is now located behind the...

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2:39 AM

Working Together Working Together

Based on recent comments, know that nothing brings out the passion in people like politics (and religion). It would be nice if everyone woul...

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1:18 PM

Ofsted Annual Report Ofsted Annual Report

Today sees the publication of Ofsted's annual report, which gives an overall picture of the state of education in England. The latest re...

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2:49 AM

Britain & Beyond Britain & Beyond

Following on from yesterday's post, here are some details of another recent survey. Britain and Beyond is the name of a new report from...

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4:10 AM

Breaking The Cycle Breaking The Cycle

A poll commissioned by the charity Barnardos has uncovered some rather negative statistics; according to the research which they have commis...

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4:20 AM

School and Money School and Money

We are in such a shaky economic time right now that I worry about the effects it will have on educational funding. Almost 50% of funding for...

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11:50 AM

A Mixed Bag A Mixed Bag

Need some reading for the weekend? Once again the latest issue of the OnTheWeb newsletter (see this previous post for details of this excel...

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2:39 AM

Harnessing Technology 2008 Harnessing Technology 2008

Becta have just released their latest annual Harnessing Technology report; this review focuses on the use of ICT in schools and further edu...

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3:07 AM

Raising the Bar Raising the Bar

The Daycare Trust has today published a new briefing which I suspect most of the blog's readers will support wholeheartedly. The report...

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2:12 AM

Educational Provision for Autistic Children Educational Provision for Autistic Children

The Autism Education Trust (AET) was launched last year by the DCSF, to investigate improve educational support for children in England who...

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1:59 AM

Ending Child Poverty: Thinking 2020 Ending Child Poverty: Thinking 2020

A new week, a new child poverty report... The government's pledge to end child poverty by 2020 is well known; back in June, the Child Po...

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2:05 AM

CCInform CCInform

Earlier this year I posted about an impressive new service we had introduced to the College called CCInform. Initially take-up of the new se...

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6:30 AM

It Is History! It Is History!

Like many Americans, I had a hard time sleeping last night after hearing President-elect Obama's acceptance speech. His speech was fille...

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5:15 AM

Learning Outside The Classroom Learning Outside The Classroom

A new DCSF backed website has recently been lauched for educators in England. It's title is Learning Outside The Classroom , and it'...

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3:54 AM

Getting On, Getting Ahead Getting On, Getting Ahead

Yesterday saw the publication of Getting On, Getting Ahead , a discussion paper from the government's Strategy Unit. The report is based...

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2:30 AM

Fostering Families Fostering Families

A new publication from the Fostering Network examines an area of policy that is often disregarded; the report, entitled Fostering Families ...

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4:03 AM