Answering the Child's Why Answering the Child's Why

Archive film time again... Below is Answering the Child's Why , a 1951 film from the Encyclopedia Britannica offering parents advice on...

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6:57 AM

Historical Childhoods Historical Childhoods

Today's post is a little different to usual - it's quite lengthy and is in response to a specific request for freely available infor...

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5:11 AM

More Great Childcare: a Guide More Great Childcare: a Guide

A short post today: take a look at Nursery World 's  'More Great Childcare' - A Guide to the Government's Childcare Reform P...

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10:37 AM

Early Years Surveys Early Years Surveys

The end of last week saw the latest release of two annual DfE publications with direct relevance to users of this site. The Childcare and Ea...

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7:19 AM

Children and Families Bill Children and Families Bill

Today sees the publication of the long-awaited Children and Families Bill . Like most legislation it's a long, complex document, but the...

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7:06 AM

Ways to Settle Disputes / Teaching Your Child to Share Ways to Settle Disputes / Teaching Your Child to Share

As it's Friday and it's been quite a fraught week for the childcare sector, how about some light relief? Below is a 1950 USA educati...

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3:54 AM