It Tastes Ymmy It Tastes Ymmy

We have three new little turtles in the pond in our yard. It has taken a month or so for us to train the little ones to come to the surface ...

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7:54 PM

Poverty / Forced Marriage Poverty / Forced Marriage

Two new reports that may interest readers: Living with Poverty: a Review of the Literature of Children's and Families' Experiences o...

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7:48 AM

Another Round Up Another Round Up

Once again it's been a while since there were any new posts on here. This is because our visitor numbers tail off dramatically during ho...

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8:04 AM

There's Always Ice Cream! There's Always Ice Cream!

We went from a long wet, cool spring (unusual for us) to a blistering hot summer this month! We were trying to enjoy a family birthday barbe...

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1:10 PM

The Good and the Bad The Good and the Bad

I was reminded recently about how there seems to be opposition in all things. We built a deck last summer underneath a very large and very o...

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8:13 PM