School Councils School Councils

A new piece of research looking at school councils, and the role that they can play in allowing pupils to become involved in decision making...

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5:08 AM

Guidance / Briefing Papers for Schools Guidance / Briefing Papers for Schools

If you work in a school or early years setting, you'll know that bodies like the DCSF regularly issue briefing papers for staff on a wid...

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2:47 AM

Healthy Eating Healthy Eating

It's induction week at the College, which may make it difficult to add regular updates this week, as everyone's so busy. So today...

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5:50 AM

Finding the Leaks Finding the Leaks

We have been creating two ponds and a stream in our back yard. It has taken a long time because it has been so hot this summer. Once we ha...

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9:57 PM

New Cyberbullying Campaign New Cyberbullying Campaign

The DCSF has launched a new campaign to tackle the problem of cyberbullying. The homepage for the campaign can be viewed here , while a full...

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4:35 AM

RSS Feeds RSS Feeds

If you use this site regularly, you should notice that the news headlines at the right of the page are changed daily. While I’d like to clai...

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2:30 AM

Education At A Glance Education At A Glance

Continuing the international theme from last week's post, the OECD has just published the latest annual edition of Education At A Glanc...

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2:47 AM

Language & Communication Language & Communication

Last week the DCSF announced that it was launching a review into the support services that are currently available for children with speech...

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3:30 AM

International Resources International Resources

There's a global flavour to today's post, as we take a look around some of the internet resources which contain information on child...

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3:52 AM

HLTA Staff HLTA Staff

Students on our HLTA courses may be interested in a new report from the NFER . Research into the Deployment and Impact of Support Staff who...

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5:27 AM

Child Poverty & Education Child Poverty & Education

Following the trend of several recent posts, another new report dealing with the issues surrounding poverty has just been released. Chicken ...

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7:23 AM

New Research from OnTheWeb New Research from OnTheWeb

The latest issue of OnTheWeb (see this previous post for details of the service) is up to its usual high standard, with links to dozens of...

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1:52 AM

Conferences Conferences

As part of your professional development, it's necessary to stay on top of your subject by extensive reading of items such as journal ar...

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2:05 AM


I had the opportunity to briefly visit the NAEYC headquarters in Washington DC this past week. I was part of a discussion about what are the...

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4:09 PM

Chavs and Chav-nots Chavs and Chav-nots

Hot on the heels of yesterday's post , the Joseph Rowntree Foundation seems to be attempting some sort of record by today publishing ei...

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6:01 AM

Child Poverty Child Poverty

Barnardo's has just published a new report on child poverty. It Doesn't Happen Here: The Reality of Child Poverty in the UK is a p...

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3:43 AM

Ready To Read: New Phonics Research Ready To Read: New Phonics Research

New research from the Civitas thinktank suggests that primary school pupils who receive intensive "synthetic phonics" lessons can...

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3:34 AM

Nutrition & School Meals Nutrition & School Meals

This week there have been some confusing stories in the news on how well children are eating. Most of the headlines have focused on new figu...

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5:24 AM

Inequality in Childhood Inequality in Childhood

A major new report from the National Children's Bureau (NCB) explores the link between childrens' schools and families and their ou...

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4:11 AM