Foundation Stage Foundation Stage

No doubt most of you are aware that the new Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) guidelines are coming into operation later this year. If you...

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6:20 AM

Teachers TV Teachers TV

It's been a quiet few days for news so this is just a reminder that all programmes from the Teachers TV channel are available to watch ...

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7:07 AM

The End is the Beginning.. The End is the Beginning..

I recently had a friend graduate from high school as the valedictorian. We always knew he was very intelligent and would do well. I would ta...

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9:42 AM

Parents & Education Parents & Education

The DCSF have recently published Parental Involvement in Children’s Education 2007 . This contains the results of a survey to compare how pa...

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4:02 AM

Personalised Start Pages Personalised Start Pages

Let's be honest, despite the vast size of the World Wide Web, most of us have only 30 or 40 sites which we visit on a regular basis. But...

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5:11 AM

Parents & Mental Health Parents & Mental Health

The Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) has recently published a research briefing entitled Experiences of Children and Young Peopl...

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3:44 AM

Literacy Research Literacy Research

Two reports were released last week which dealt with the subject of literacy. The first of these was published by the Institute of Education...

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2:48 AM

Yet More from the Primary Review Yet More from the Primary Review

Today sees the publication of the final batch of interim reports from the Primary Review . There are three reports in all, grouped around th...

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5:44 AM

Violence & Youth Offending Violence & Youth Offending

Today's post contains details of two separate reports, although there's a theme of gender as well as violence which links them both ...

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4:00 AM

New Crop New Crop

I was excited to run into some of my former students this past month. Most of them were graduating in early childhood and interviewing for ...

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8:59 AM

Something For Everyone (Part 3) Something For Everyone (Part 3)

Thanks to the excellent OnTheWeb service ( click here for details), today's post contains links to no less than eight separate reports ...

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8:00 AM

Little Britons Little Britons

The Policy Exchange have recently published Little Britons: Financing Childcare Choice . This report brings together viewpoints from all of ...

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2:33 AM

Learning The Hard Way Learning The Hard Way

Following on from yesterday's post about the Warnock report, the issue of special educational needs is once more in the news with the re...

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3:03 AM

Warnock Report Warnock Report

Every year a handful of students ask me for information about the Warnock Report of 1978, which looked at the provision on education for chi...

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7:48 AM

Look out for EYES! Look out for EYES!

A few weeks ago I wrote a post ( click here for details) about EYES, a search engine which I've been developing. Basically it's a G...

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3:47 AM