Early Intervention Early Intervention

C4EO recently published a new report which examines best practice in using early intervention to support at risk or disadvantaged children,...

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3:48 AM

Fathers & Education Fathers & Education

A recent request for information on fathers' involvement in their children's education turned up a host of resources, so it seems a ...

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2:18 AM

More on the Spending Review More on the Spending Review

The previous post dealt with the details of cuts to children's services following last week's Comprehensive Spending Review. Now the...

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2:56 AM

7 Connecting Habits of a Lead Teacher 7 Connecting Habits of a Lead Teacher

In our classroom management course this week we were talking about setting up classrooms that avoid punishment (punitive discipline). I had ...

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11:40 AM

Spending Review - Children's Services Spending Review - Children's Services

This afternoon has finally seen the publication of the government's spending review with details of cuts in most areas of the public sec...

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8:16 AM

Special Educational Needs 2010 Special Educational Needs 2010

The Department of Education has just published Children with Special Educational Needs 2010: An Analysis . This is the second edition of an ...

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3:36 AM

Millennium Cohort Study Millennium Cohort Study

The Millennium Cohort Study is a mammoth ongoing research project which is examining the lives of 19,000 children born in the UK during the...

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2:51 AM

Starting a Family Revolution Starting a Family Revolution

In April 2009 the Family Commission (set up by the 4Children charity) began work on an in-depth inquiry to investigate all aspects of fami...

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2:18 AM

Fall Colors Fall Colors

I'm always jealous of people who live in climates that are more mild during the winter (I don't enjoy cold much any more). However, ...

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8:39 PM

How Fair is Britain? How Fair is Britain?

Yesterday saw the publication of How Fair is Britain? , a mammoth report from the Equality and Human Rights Commission which looks at equal...

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5:56 AM

Serious Games Serious Games

One for the ICT experts among our readers today - Futurelab have just published a literature review which examines the topic of how digital...

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4:45 AM