Physical Education Physical Education

With the woes of the England football team continuing to fill the papers, and the build-up for the 2012 Olympics already in full swing, it s...

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3:03 AM

Wikipedia Wikipedia

A confession: I look at Wikipedia nearly every day. Whether I want information on classic films, historical figures, a region of the world ...

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3:37 AM

Bullying Resources Bullying Resources

The latest report from the parliamentary Education and Skills Committee is the result of an investigation into bullying. The final documen...

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2:40 AM

Preschool Behaviors Preschool Behaviors

Today there was a Washington Post article reprinted in the Salt Lake Tribune, Study: Day Care Can Lead to Bad Behavior . It was very similar...

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7:23 PM

ICT Reports ICT Reports

I've received a number of enquiries about ICT in schools recently, so it seems a good time to draw attention to some recent reports in t...

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6:33 AM

New Green Paper New Green Paper

Today sees the launch of the green paper Raising Expectations: Staying in Edu cation and Training Post-16 ; the paper outlines the governme...

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8:07 AM

She's Back! She's Back!

We have a pet turtle that lives in our pond. When we went to retrieve her for winter hibernation in November, we couldn't find her. We c...

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9:11 AM

£1 Billion for Child Poverty £1 Billion for Child Poverty

According to the media, the cornerstone of Gordon Brown's budget this afternoon will be a £1 billion pledge to tackle child poverty. Pre...

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4:31 AM

Communicating with Makaton Communicating with Makaton

A story in today's Guardian talks about the rise in usage of Makaton among young children; although the system was originally developed...

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4:51 AM

Free Conference Papers Free Conference Papers

Next time you're carrying out a piece of educational research it may be worth taking a look at Education-line ; this is a free collectio...

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8:20 AM

Parenting Strategy Parenting Strategy

Another day, another government initiative... Today sees the publication of Every Parent Matters , a DfES document which sets out how the go...

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5:59 AM

New Early Years Foundation Curriculum New Early Years Foundation Curriculum

Yesterday saw the launch of the government's new statutory guidance for the Early Years Foundation Stage. The framework, which comes in...

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4:28 AM

Education Reports from Yesteryear Education Reports from Yesteryear

Many of the posts on this blog are concerned with current events, so today it's time for something different. If you're interested i...

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7:05 AM

Foreign Languages in Primary Schools Foreign Languages in Primary Schools

A Lord Dearing-led review is recommending that foreign language lessons should be compulsory from the age of seven . The review, which was a...

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3:16 AM

Comfort Blankets Comfort Blankets

Does anyone remember Linus from the Peanuts cartoon strip? It looks like his creator was onto something; according to new research from th...

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5:50 AM

Great Preschool Programs Great Preschool Programs

I recently visited the Coast Episcopal School in Pass Christian, Mississippi. I was amazed at the preschool program that they provide for 3...

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10:37 PM

School Councils & Citizenship School Councils & Citizenship

Today's headlines include the publication of a report on Citizenship Education by the House of Commons Education Select Committee , whic...

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3:21 AM

New Literacy / Fathers Research New Literacy / Fathers Research

You wait for days for an early years story to make the news, and then two come along at once... A new Ofsted report published this morning ...

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2:28 AM

Breaking the Google Habit Breaking the Google Habit

It's sometimes easy to forget this, but Google is not the only search engine on the internet! If you are going to use the Web for resear...

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4:32 AM