Something for Everyone Something for Everyone

A round up of various bits and pieces which have been published during February: Improving the Outcomes for Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Pupils...

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2:17 AM

Behaviour Review Behaviour Review

Since December 2007 Sir Alan Steer has been carrying out a review of school discipline and pupil behaviour. While this is still ongoing, a n...

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2:57 AM

Future Care Future Care

A new publication from the the Children's Rights Director for England reports on feedback from looked after children, and their views on...

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1:54 AM

Children & Young People Blogs Children & Young People Blogs

The stats from this blog indicate that there are a number of regular readers of this blog which is pleasing to know. However, if you've ...

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2:56 AM

Crime & Public Perceptions Crime & Public Perceptions

An interesting new report from the National Foundation of Educational Research examines attitudes towards young people as a result of media ...

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4:39 AM

Towards a New Primary Curriculum Towards a New Primary Curriculum

No doubt about the biggest education story today: the Primary Review (see this previous post for details) has published a two-part report o...

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2:00 AM

Sick is Sick...Even in Paradise Sick is Sick...Even in Paradise

We just got back from a semi-wonderful trip to Hawaii. This is such a great time to go as it gives us a nice break from the winter cold. The...

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5:51 PM

Ending Child Poverty Ending Child Poverty

Child poverty was in the headlines yet again yesterday, with most news outlets picking up on the story that the government is struggling to ...

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3:52 AM

Summer-Born Babies Summer-Born Babies

A new report from Cambridge Assessment, one of the UK's exam boards, has presented evidence that appears to question the government'...

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5:09 AM

Truancy Truancy

Yesterday it was reported that on average a parent is jailed every two weeks because of their child's truancy. Further information on t...

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5:48 AM

Video Games are Good for Children?! Video Games are Good for Children?!

The media is often full of stories about the detrimental effect of video games on children's development, so it's interesting to hea...

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2:22 AM

Nurseries or Grandparents? Nurseries or Grandparents?

A new piece of research from the Institute of Education has looked at children whose mothers return to full-time work, leaving them either i...

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2:36 AM

The Jamie Oliver Effect The Jamie Oliver Effect

It seems that the 'Jamie Oliver Effect' shows no signs of abating. Following on from his TV series on improving school dinners and t...

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3:50 AM

EPPI-Centre EPPI-Centre

The Evidence for Policy and Practice Information and Co-Ordinating Centre (aka the wonderfully named EPPI-Centre ) is based at the Universit...

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7:33 AM

Building Those Relationships Building Those Relationships

I was recently reading and article called, Building Positive Relationships with Young Children by Dr. Gail Joseph and Dr. Phillip Strain. I...

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2:51 PM

The Good Childhood Inquiry The Good Childhood Inquiry

If you've been reading the papers this week, you've probably noticed the string of stories about modern children's lives in the ...

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3:11 AM

Migrant Communities in Birmingham Migrant Communities in Birmingham

A local flavour to today's post: the Joseph Rowntree Foundation has just published Empowering Birmingham’s Migrant and Refugee Community...

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2:31 AM