"Where do you get all the information for the blog?"
"It must take you hours to find all this stuff!"
"Haven't you got anything better to do with your time?"

Above are some of the typical comments that users make when chatting to me about this site (OK, I made the last one up...). In actual fact, getting hold of information to post on here is really quite simple, as most of it is sent to me automatically without the need to search for it, as I have a number of alerts and other services in place which deliver important news stories directly to my inbox. In addition, there are other online tools I use which are handy for organising and sharing information with people who have similar research interests.

Anyway, a survey which we carried out with students from the School of Childhood and Education a few months back (see previous post for details; an article outlining the results will shortly appear in the College's Praxis newsletter) suggested that many students were largely unfamiliar with such services, and the benefits that they can offer in helping you to stay on top of your subject, and organise useful material that you have found.

In response to this, I'd like to invite users to a 'Masterclass' session, where some of these tools can be demonstrated, and you can have a go at using some of them for yourself. Perhaps you'd like to set up a blog with pupils at your school? Or learn what childcare / education webpages other internet users are using right now? Or just ensure a steady stream of useful emails on your favourite topics? Come along and all will be revealed...

If you would like to attend, simply email me or speak to me in the library. If enough of you show an interest, I will arrange a time that suits you all and the session can go ahead. Who knows, by the end you may not feel the need to visit this site any more...?


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