Several students have recently asked what information is available on child bereavement, which seems as good an excuse as any to make that topic the subject of today's post. A number of relevant books are available in the library as well as some useful Athens materials, but there are also a handful of websites which could be deemed 'reliable' enough for academic use.

Both the Child Bereavement Charity and the Child Bereavement Network have well-designed sites containing information for children, parents, and professionals alike. There are many useful documents in both site, but possibly the pick of these is the Child Bereavement Networks' Summary of Key Issues for Bereaved Children and Young People, which does an excellent job of covering some key points and suggests a number of useful-looking items for further reading.

Back in 2005, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation carried out a large-scale literature review in this area; although the full review is not available online, you can read a summary of The Impact of Bereavement and Loss on Young People. Or for a broader view of children's emotional and mental health, the Young Minds website is well worth a visit.


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