Last Thursday the government launched a new strategy to help young families deal with the demands of parenthood. Teenage Parents Next Steps is a document aimed at Local Authorities and Primary Care Trusts which takes a holistic view of this issue and looks at how support services can be effectively delivered to those who require them.

If you're carrying out research on teenage pregnancy then there are plenty of useful journal articles and reports which you can access in full via Athens; this really is a well-covered topic. However, if you're still hungry for information then the Teenage Pregnancy area of the Every Child Matters website brings together many of the current policy documents in this area. Also worth a look are two documents which neatly summarise the available literature for this topic - Teenage Pregnancy: An Overview of the Research Evidence (2004) and the recent A Review of the Literature Relating to the Parental Aspirations of Teenage Mothers which was published by the CfBT Education Trust in March.


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