Tonight's episode of Panorama on BBC1 will feature new research which appears to demonstrate that drugs such as Ritalin, which are used as medication for children who have been diagnosed with ADHD, are not effective in the long-term. The study, which was carried out in the US, also highlighted possible side effects from the drugs which could impact on children's growth.

Research into ADHD has been plentiful in recent years, and it can be quite confusing to try and make sense of so many different documents, especially as the findings from some projects appear to contradict those from others. If you've an interest in this topic then there are certainly plenty of books in Summer Row Library and journal articles available via Athens which you can use to brush up on your knowledge.

Elsewhere, the adders and ADDISS websites contain plenty of information on the condition, as well as reporting on research projects that have been carried out by other organisations. From the US, the CHADD website has plenty of interesting content, while an excellent introduction to ADHD is provided by the National Institute of Mental Health. If you want something a little more meaty to get your teeth into, then this 2004 briefing on ADHD - How It Is Treated from the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) should be what you're looking for.


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