A slightly more personal touch to today's post... I'm currently in the early stages of a research project which will look at how effectively mature students make use of online information for their assignments. Hopefully by September a questionnaire will be circulating with more detailed information, but in the meantime any mature students who want to make observations regarding their online search skills are very welcome to email me. Here are some of the areas that I'm interested in:

How often do you use the internet / Athens for your research?
Do you have any problems in finding the information that you require?
What could we do to help you improve your skills in finding information?

You don't have to give your name if you don't want to, although I would eventually like to get together a small group of students who are willing to share their views on these topics. You just need to be honest - if you're having real difficulties I want to know, so that hopefully we can do something about it.


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