Harvest Time Harvest Time

Fall is a beautiful time of year. I was discussing with my children's literature classes this week the book, "The Oxcart Man,"...

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9:08 AM

Dots Dots

If you haven't had the opportunity to read the picture book, "The Dot," by Paul Reynolds, you need to do so. It makes me thin...

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8:40 PM

Uncle! Uncle!

This REALLY has not been my week! Even though I was recovering from my running incident, I went on a scheduled vacation to Hawaii. My firs...

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11:44 AM

Ouch! Ouch!

I was out for a run yesterday and got hit by a car. Actually, the car backed into me and because I was running I did a left-side nose dive ...

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3:59 PM

Time Goes By... Time Goes By...

My oldest son turned 30 today. It seems impossible that I have a child that age! Especially since I still feel like I just turned 30 mysel...

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9:18 PM