What do you Really Think about Teachers? What do you Really Think about Teachers?

The Teacher Status Project has just delivered its final report . The study, which began in 2002, was commissioned by the DfES to examine how...

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6:03 AM

Child Obesity / Healthy Eating Child Obesity / Healthy Eating

The issue of child obesity has reared its head again, with the story of an eight year old boy who may be taken into care due to his excessiv...

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2:05 AM

It is Hard to be a Responsible Caregiver It is Hard to be a Responsible Caregiver

Spend some time with small children and you realize (or remember) how hard it is to be a good parent or grandparent. I recently helped drive...

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8:06 AM

Faith Schools Faith Schools

David Cameron has hit the headlines this morning for opting to send his daughter to a faith school . Students who are interested in the subj...

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2:36 AM

Journals Guide is Back, Back, Back... Journals Guide is Back, Back, Back...

Rejoice! Copies of the Guide to Journals are finally available in the library! We’ve had a number of delays in producing the Guide this year...

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4:02 AM

Valentine for Children Valentine for Children

It would be nice if on this Valentine's Day, the legislative groups in all the states would decide to give a special Valentine to young ...

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7:41 PM

UK is Bottom of the League UK is Bottom of the League

A story about children in the UK is one of the major headlines this morning; unfortunately, it reveals a rather depressing statistic. Accord...

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1:58 AM

Citizenship in the Curriculum Citizenship in the Curriculum

A lot of discussion has recently focussed on the purpose and content of citizenship lessons within the curriculum. And the debate hasn't...

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7:41 AM

Ofsted in Birmingham Ofsted in Birmingham

Last October eleven Ofsted inspectors visited Birmingham to review the children's and young people's services in the city. Their rep...

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6:42 AM

New Semester, New Service New Semester, New Service

Welcome! The Childhood and Education blog is designed to keep staff and students at BCFTCS up to date with the latest news and resources in ...

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3:50 AM

Head Start Reminder Head Start Reminder

I had the opportunity to present a workshop at the California Head Start Association conference in Newport Beach this past week. It is alwa...

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8:57 AM