The Cost of Childcare The Cost of Childcare

A new survey released yesterday by the Daycare Trust suggests that childcare costs are rising above inflation to a total of between £7000-...

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5:52 AM

What is Primary Education for? What is Primary Education for?

The latest series of reports from the Primary Review (look at this previous post for information on the project) have just been released. ...

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3:52 AM

Outside the Box Outside the Box

A popular term in business nowadays is "thinking outside the box." I always thought that was the definition of creativity and imag...

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10:35 AM

Children of the World / Child Safety / Extended Schools Children of the World / Child Safety / Extended Schools

There's something for everyone in today's post. First of all, those of you with a historical interest in childhood, or the current o...

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5:35 AM

Child Nutrition Child Nutrition

The issue of healthy eating has been back on the agenda this week, first with a story on Tuesday that cooking lessons will shortly be compul...

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5:23 AM

The Research Informed Practice Site (TRIPS) The Research Informed Practice Site (TRIPS)

If you've ever tried navigating the DCSF website, you could be forgiven for feeling a little lost. The site contains a mass of useful r...

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5:52 AM

Protecting and Safeguarding Children Protecting and Safeguarding Children

The NSPCC has recently published research on the relationship between schools and local authorities in protecting and safeguarding children....

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4:46 AM

Find it Quickly! Find it Quickly!

Have you ever looked at a lengthy web page or Word document that you're sure must contain a piece of information that's relevant to ...

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3:13 AM

Authentic Assessments Authentic Assessments

I have had the task of looking through current assessment procedures and requirements lately and I am struck again by the critical need to a...

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10:22 AM

Youth In Mind Youth In Mind

A new website containing detailed information on resources relating to children's mental health has just been launched. Youth In Mind c...

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3:38 AM

Research In Practice Research In Practice

The Research In Practice website brings together research on children and families from a wide range of sources, with the intention of diss...

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2:40 AM

Seeking Asylum Seeking Asylum

Barnardos have just published a report which looks at the current provision for asylum-seeking families with children. Like Any Other Child...

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3:37 AM

D is for Digital D is for Digital

A new piece of research from the Joan Ganz Cooney Centre in the US has looked at the different types of interactive media with which childr...

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3:12 AM

Leadership / Disability Leadership / Disability

The theme of leadership seems to be a recurring one in the latest issue of OnTheWeb , which contains details of several related pieces of re...

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8:36 AM

Could you be a Supernanny? Could you be a Supernanny?

A happy new year to everyone, and what better way to start the year than with some good news? Have you thought about your next career move o...

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5:56 AM

A New Year! A New Year!

The beginning of a new year provides an opportunity for all of us to make a new start on improvements that we would like to make. My 17 mont...

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11:47 AM