More from the Primary Review More from the Primary Review

As regular as clockwork, the Primary Review (see this previous post for details) seems to issue a batch of reports every third Friday, and ...

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2:41 AM

Working Memory Working Memory

Researchers from Durham University believe that children who under-achieve at school may not be doing so because of low intelligence, but ra...

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2:57 AM

Truancy on the Rise Truancy on the Rise

Statistics from the DCSF have confirmed that truancy has increased to it's highest level in over a decade. The newly-released figures c...

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3:45 AM

Lost in Transition Lost in Transition

The topic of helping children to make transitions between different stages in their lives (eg schools) is one that seems to crop up regularl...

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4:07 AM

Building Blocks Building Blocks

I was researching some information about using blocks with children. I am always impressed by how many skills are reinforced through the use...

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1:05 PM

CCInform / Grange Hill CCInform / Grange Hill

We have just arranged for students to have access to an online resource called CCInform for an initial six month period - as the service is...

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6:13 AM

Safeguarding Children Safeguarding Children

Today's post is in response to a lecturer who has requested information on safeguarding children. Hopefully this will be of use to all s...

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4:27 AM

Gypsy / Roma / Traveller Children Gypsy / Roma / Traveller Children

Each year we receive a few enquiries for information on the education of children from a gypsy, roma or traveller background. There are a co...

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4:03 AM

Snow, Snow, and more Snow... Snow, Snow, and more Snow...

We have had an abundance of snow and cold this winter. I think I am over it. I saw some young children making a snowman this morning and I r...

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11:43 AM

Children on Bullying Children on Bullying

A new Ofsted report claims that increasing numbers of children are resorting to carrying knives and even bottles to protect themselves again...

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5:08 AM

A Batty Idea? A Batty Idea?

A pilot programme is currently being run in Glasgow, where blind children are being taught about 'echolocation' to help them interpr...

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4:10 AM

Something For Everyone (Again!) Something For Everyone (Again!)

It's been a quiet week for new research / reports until today, with the release of no less than 4 different documents that may interest ...

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5:33 AM

Screenshots Screenshots

Just a quick computing tip today. If you want to get an accurate snapshot of what is appearing on your computer monitor at any given time, t...

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4:01 AM

Authentic Assessments-Revisited Authentic Assessments-Revisited

There was a question comment on my entry of January 3rd about where to find authentic assessments. In my experience, it is critical for the...

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11:29 AM

Family Spending Family Spending

There's another week until pay day and already most of your hard-earned wages from last month seem to have vanished - ever wondered exac...

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5:33 AM