Methodology Methodology

Are you getting nervous at the prospect of next year's dissertation, or just need to improve your familiarity with the research process?...

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3:30 AM

Girl Power / Child Neglect Girl Power / Child Neglect

A news story in yesterday's Observer reported on research that suggested that boys at primary school could perform better if taught in s...

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4:39 AM

Child Genius / Gifted Children Child Genius / Gifted Children

The latest episode of Child Genius will be broadcast on Channel 4 tonight; this is an ongoing series which is charting the progress of seve...

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3:46 AM

Mixed Bag of Goodies Mixed Bag of Goodies

The Blogger site has had some difficulties over the last few days, which is why the blog hasn't been updated for a little while. So here...

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3:43 AM

Avoiding Negative Behaviors Avoiding Negative Behaviors

I was speaking to a group in Kingsville, TX, this weekend and I was again reminded about how important it is for early childhood teachers to...

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8:49 AM

Emerging Technologies for Learning Emerging Technologies for Learning

Every year Becta publishes an annual report called Emerging Technologies for Learning , which speculates on how new technology could change...

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3:41 AM

Contact A Family Contact A Family

Contact A Family is a UK charity which provides advice, information and support to the families of disabled children. As part of this work ...

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5:05 AM

Cared For Children Cared For Children

The Research in Practice website (see this previous post for details) has just published a new research briefing on the topic of children ...

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6:43 AM

Teacher Support Network Teacher Support Network

The Teacher Support Network (TSN) is an independent organisation which aims to provide both practical and emotional support to those workin...

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4:36 AM

DAP Mathematics Skills DAP Mathematics Skills

I was recently talking to a group about developmentally appropriate math skills for early childhood children (see 'Conference Handouts&#...

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12:38 PM

CCInform User Guides CCInform User Guides

If you've been using the CCInform service ( click here for details) then you may be pleased to know that user guides for the site are n...

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8:02 AM

Social Trends 2008 Social Trends 2008

The latest edition of Social Trends has been published this week by the Office of National Statistics . Social Trends is an annual publicat...

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6:21 AM

More Bits and Pieces More Bits and Pieces

Here is an overview of relevant documents which have been published in the last week or so: The Sure Start Journey: a Summary of Evidence t...

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7:11 AM

Intute Intute

Intute is a free service which has been put together by staff at Universities and Colleges throughout the UK. The site's core is compri...

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2:56 AM

Fair Play Fair Play

The DCSF has today launched a consultation document on plans to create more play facilities for young children . You can read the consultati...

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7:57 AM

Delicious Part 2 Delicious Part 2

Further to yesterday's post, you should now see a new window entitled 'My Delicious' about halfway down this page on the right-h...

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4:18 AM

Mmm... Delicious! Mmm... Delicious!

Do you ever use the 'Favourites' menu at the top of your browser? For those who aren't sure what it does, you can use it to crea...

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4:03 AM