Something Should Be Done! Something Should Be Done!

I was standing in line for the self-checkout at the grocery store today. Two young men in their 20s were in front of me in line dressed like...

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8:20 PM

Social Worlds / ICT Social Worlds / ICT

It's been a while since I recommended any publications from the Centre for Research on the Wider Benefits of Learning , so today's p...

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3:29 AM

Leading to Excellence Leading to Excellence

Ofsted has today published Leading to Excellence: a Review of Childcare and Early Education Provision 2005-08 ; the detailed report pays par...

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10:17 AM

Intro to Teaching Intro to Teaching

I have been asked to begin teaching an Introduction to Teaching course at the university. Like many other states, we are in desperate need o...

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8:11 PM

Homes Fit for Families Homes Fit for Families

The Family & Parenting Institute has recently published a discussion paper entitled Homes Fit for Families . The report looks at how th...

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3:42 AM

OnTheWeb - Reports from July (Part Two) OnTheWeb - Reports from July (Part Two)

Continuing from yesterday's post: Anti-Social and other Problem Behaviours among Young Children is a Home Office report which examines ...

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7:02 AM

OnTheWeb - Reports from July OnTheWeb - Reports from July

I've just received the latest issue of OnTheWeb (see previous post for details), which as usual is packed with details of useful resear...

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6:05 AM

Knowing Where to Look Knowing Where to Look

The Young Minds charity has recently published an excellent booklet entitled Knowing Where to Look . The booklet is aimed at people who wor...

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2:45 AM

DCSF Research DCSF Research

The DCSF has been busy again, by recently publishing a number of new research reports; here are two which may interest some of you: Training...

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3:09 AM

Gender Equality Gender Equality

A book which is being published in the UK today already seems to be creating something of a stir; Women and Employment: Changing Lives and N...

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4:21 AM

Parenting Parenting

Those of you with a yen for parenting issues may be interested in two recent research reports from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation: Parenting...

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3:56 AM

Internet for Children / Guidance for EYFS Practitioners Internet for Children / Guidance for EYFS Practitioners

The two reports in today's post both contain similar subject matter to other documents which some of my recent posts have referred to. S...

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6:38 AM