Underachievement Underachievement

Those of you with an interest in the attainment of children from ethnic minorities may be interested in a new review which suggests that tea...

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3:29 AM

Improving Safety, Reducing Harm Improving Safety, Reducing Harm

The Department of Health has recently published Improving Safety, Reducing Harm: Children, Young People and Domestic Violence . This is a pr...

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3:37 AM

A Quick Catch Up A Quick Catch Up

Children's rights, mental health issues and family intervention are all covered in today's bumper post, which covers a number of rec...

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3:24 AM

Ofsted Under Fire Ofsted Under Fire

Today sees the publication of Ofsted 's annual report ( click here for links to the report and various supporting documents and summari...

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3:15 AM

State of the World's Children State of the World's Children

Last week saw the publication of UNICEF 's annual State of the World's Children report. This year the publication has a special them...

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2:32 AM

EYES Search EYES Search

Another slow news day so another appeal for feedback from users... From looking at the stats of visitors for this site, it seems that in rec...

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8:57 AM

Information Workshop 2 Information Workshop 2

Just a reminder (see previous post for details) that if you'd be interested in being introduced to useful techniques to staying on top ...

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2:34 AM

Anti-Bullying Week Anti-Bullying Week

This week is National Anti-Bullying Week, which means that a number of organisations are seeking to raise awareness of issues surrounding al...

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5:21 AM

Happy Birthday Happy Birthday

If you've looked at any of the entertaining logos on Google's homepage during the last week, you've probably realised that Sesam...

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7:17 AM

Regulating Play-Based Provision Regulating Play-Based Provision

A new factsheet from Ofsted seeks to clarify how play providers can meet the requirements of the EYFS without altering existing good practic...

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2:26 AM

The Really Good School Dinner The Really Good School Dinner

If you work in a school, is your institution involved in the Really Good School Dinner? Now into it's second year, this project enables ...

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5:07 AM

Spring in the Fall Spring in the Fall

I was struck by an extraordinary thought the other day as I was raking up leaves. We go somewhat overboard with our yard, so every fall we m...

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2:37 PM

Safeguarding Children Safeguarding Children

I've written about the Centre for Excellence and Outcomes in Children and Young People's Services (C4EO) site on here a few times ...

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5:22 AM

20 Years of the Children Act 20 Years of the Children Act

It's been 20 years since the passing of the Children Act 1989, a landmark piece of legislation which still governs much of how cases inv...

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11:42 AM