Food In Schools Food In Schools

New research from Ofsted has found that parents on low incomes are struggling to pay for healthy school meals for their children. The repor...

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5:37 AM

NSPCC Research Briefings NSPCC Research Briefings

The NSPCC has recently been issuing a series of research briefings on various child protection topics. These are excellent introductions to ...

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4:25 AM

Information, Please! Information, Please!

I recently did an online interview with a representative from . Of course I took the opportunity to visit their site and see w...

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2:38 PM

Free Schools Free Schools

Anyone who's followed the news over the last few days will have heard about the coalition government's plans to set up 'free sch...

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6:24 AM

A Century of Fatherhood A Century of Fatherhood

If you've ever read the crude comic called Viz , you may know that one of the regular strips is called 'Victorian Dad'; he's...

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6:50 AM

Local Authorities and Home Education Local Authorities and Home Education

A new report from Ofsted focuses on how well local authorities are able to monitor home education . Inspectors found that while the majority...

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5:13 AM

Site Makeover Site Makeover

If you're a regular visitor and you think the site looks different then don't panic - all of the information hosted here is still in...

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3:02 AM

Child Protection & Grandparents Child Protection & Grandparents

2 pieces of information from recent days: The government has ordered an independent review of child protection in England , to investigate h...

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2:29 AM

Using the World Cup in the Classroom Using the World Cup in the Classroom

Continuing the theme of the previous post, Teachers TV has put together a collection of films relating to football and South Africa for use...

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2:16 AM

Welcoming Everyone to the Table Welcoming Everyone to the Table

I am currently attending the NAEYC Professional Development Conference being held in Phoenix. I attended a wonderful workshop today about we...

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5:58 PM

Love Football, Love Reading Love Football, Love Reading

Unless you've been living on another planet in recent weeks, you can't fail to know that the World Cup kicks off in South Africa nex...

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2:41 AM

Levelling the Playing Field Levelling the Playing Field

A little slow off the mark with this one, but earlier in the year UNICEF UK published Levelling the Playing Field . This is a report which e...

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4:54 AM