Tickell Review of the Early Years Foundation Stage Tickell Review of the Early Years Foundation Stage

It's a big day for the early years sector with the publication of the report of the Tickell Review of the Early Years Foundation Stage ...

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3:29 AM

Education Policy Education Policy

More new research carried out by the NFER and Office of the Children's Commissioner: Children's and Young People's Views of Educ...

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2:41 AM

A Sense of Security A Sense of Security

I was talking to a group of teachers at the California AEYC Conference about children needing security when coming into the classroom. It w...

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5:33 PM

Trying to Get By Trying to Get By

The Office of the Children's Commissioner has published some new research carried out by the National Foundation for Educational Researc...

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7:22 AM

BBC News Schools Report BBC News Schools Report

What are children today really like? The BBC set out to investigate by asking 24,000 11-16 year olds across the UK a range of questions abou...

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7:07 AM

Helping Schools with Special Needs Helping Schools with Special Needs

New research from the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust argues that schools need to change their teaching methods to meet the needs of ...

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6:58 AM

Childhood & Education on Twitter Childhood & Education on Twitter

Most large organisations and media outlets in the childcare and education sector now have Twitter accounts where they post little snippets o...

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6:52 AM

Children's Playground Games Children's Playground Games

The Institute of Education has published the results of a study which examined children's behaviour in school playgrounds over a period ...

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3:57 AM

It's that time of year. This week is St. Patrick's Day. I know it is that time not just because of the calendar or change of seasons...

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7:16 PM

Breastfeeding & Development Breastfeeding & Development

A new research paper from the Institute for Social and Economic Research claims that breastfeeding produces not only healthier but also brig...

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8:31 AM

Support and Aspiration - SEN Green Paper Support and Aspiration - SEN Green Paper

Today sees the publication of the new green paper on special educational needs (SEN), which sets out the government's plans for reform t...

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2:09 AM

Prevention and Response to Bullying Prevention and Response to Bullying

The Equality and Human Rights Commission has published a new study which examines the issue of prejudice-based bullying of children, on the...

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4:04 AM

Men in Families Men in Families

A new United Nations publication provides an overview of the issues affecting men in modern families. Although the report is international i...

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3:37 AM

Laying the Table Laying the Table

A review of nursery food has called for national guidelines on what under fives should eat and drink in early years settings . Laying the Ta...

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2:51 AM

Complex Needs, Complex Challenges Complex Needs, Complex Challenges

A new report from the National Deaf Children's Society argues that deaf children with additional needs face a difficult future due to po...

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6:49 AM