Diversity Begins with Us Diversity Begins with Us

In my Introduction to Teaching course, we were talking about diversity. The term 'diversity' has a much fuller and expanded meaning...

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7:23 PM

Child Neglect in 2011 Child Neglect in 2011

The Action for Children charity has just published Child Neglect in 2011 , the first in what is planned to be a series of annual reviews on...

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7:28 AM

ICT in Schools 2008-11 ICT in Schools 2008-11

Ofsted has recently published ICT in Schools 2008-11 , a report which reviews how ICT has been delivered at primary, secondary and special s...

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3:41 AM

DfE Research DfE Research

It's been a slow few days for new research, so here's the details of a couple of useful Department of Education reports which were p...

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7:52 AM

Food and Drink Guidelines for Early Years Food and Drink Guidelines for Early Years

The School Food Trust has just launched a set of new guidelines on nutrition for preschool children. The new advice is part of the Eat Bett...

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1:32 AM

Good Childhood Report 2012 Good Childhood Report 2012

The Children's Society is making the headlines today with the publication of The Good Childhood Report 2012 . This new research details...

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2:10 AM

Things Are Not Always as They Appear! Things Are Not Always as They Appear!

I had the opportunity to spend some of the holiday season in Kaua'i. On that island there is an amazing wonder called Waimea Canyon. It ...

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7:37 PM

Digital Literacy Digital Literacy

This week the Guardian is running a campaign to improve the teaching of computer science and information technology in schools and universit...

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6:38 AM

Families in an Age of Austerity Families in an Age of Austerity

Hardly the most cheerful way to begin the New Year, but yesterday saw the publication of a new report from the Institute for Fiscal Studies ...

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3:47 AM