Highly Effective Leadership in Children’s Centres Highly Effective Leadership in Children’s Centres

The NFER have just published a new report which may be of interest to many site visitors. Highly Effective Leadership in Children's Cent...

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7:44 AM

Save Childhood Save Childhood

The Save Childhood Movement is an organisation which announced its official launch yesterday. There's no definitive mission statement on...

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3:45 AM

Suggested Reading for Students Suggested Reading for Students

A regular enquiry from new Early Childhood or Early Years students is what books they should be buying when starting their course. So what f...

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9:24 AM

Nutbrown Review - Final Report Nutbrown Review - Final Report

It's a big day for the Early Years sector... today sees the publication of the final report of the Nutbrown Review (see previous post f...

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6:18 AM

Persistent Poverty and Children’s Cognitive Development Persistent Poverty and Children’s Cognitive Development

Another day, another child poverty report... This time it's been published by the Institute of Education and draws on data from the Mil...

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5:31 AM

Ending Child Poverty by 2020 Ending Child Poverty by 2020

The Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) has just published a major new report which explores the progress made in ending child poverty by 202...

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6:54 AM

Social Bookmarking Social Bookmarking

I've just contributed my first 'guest blog' to another site. Kathy Brodie is an Early Years Professional and Trainer who runs an...

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5:47 AM

Hospital School Hospital School

A few years ago I spent a lot of time helping a student who was trying to research the topic of children learning while they were in hospita...

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1:35 AM

Balancing Act Balancing Act

Being a classroom teacher is often a balancing act. Teachers are often bombarded with the latest curriculum or teaching strategy that will s...

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6:35 PM

Early Years Professional Status Early Years Professional Status

Just a quick post today - the Teaching Agency has just published the new standards which those who are looking to achieve Early Years Profes...

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2:04 AM